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Access main features for a year.

$15 / year
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Access main features for personal use.

$20 / lifetime
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Unlock all features, business-friendly.

$45 / lifetime
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Get all 4K Download applications!

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License duration

1 year



Device count




In-app Instagram subscriptions

The possibility to subscribe to Instagram accounts, hashtags and locations. It enables user to save all existing photo posts, video posts, current Stories, as well as automatically download all new content.




Photo, video download




Tagged posts download

Stories and Highlights download

Private account download

The possibility to download all content from private accounts you follow on Instagram.

Automatic Subscriptions Update

Regular check for updates from the in-app subscriptions — Instagram accounts, hashtags and locations. New posts and Stories are downloaded automatically as soon as detected.

Posts and Captions Export

Permitted Commercial Use

Advertisements free

Need more?

To purchase a bundle of our products for commercial use, contact us.

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4K Video Downloader Plus Pro license
4K Tokkit Pro license
4K Stogram Pro license
4K YouTube to MP3 Pro license
4K Video Downloader for Android license
4K Image Compressor Pro License
Future Updates Included

Need more?

To purchase a bundle of our products for commercial use, contact us.

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Do you provide 14 days money back guarantee?

Yes, you have the right to return license purchases made online within 14 days for a full refund.

Is it a one-time purchase?

Yes, this is a one-time purchase, not a subscription. Premium features activated on a computer with a Personal or Pro license key once remain available on that computer forever.

Note that a Lite license key is only valid for one year, so the premium features unlocked with this license will be temporarily available until the license expires. Lite license keys are not included in the 4K Download Bundle and can only be purchased separately.

What is a license key and what benefits does it offer?

The license key is a unique combination of numbers and letters provided to premium users of 4K Download software. 4K Stogram, 4K Video Downloader Plus, 4K Video Downloader for Android, 4K YouTube to MP3, 4K TokKit and 4K Image Compressor — each of these applications requires the activation of its own license key.

The license keys are automatically generated and sent to the purchase email. One license key can be activated an unlimited number of times on three computers. Depending on the application and license type (Personal or Professional), the key activation grants access to some or all of the premium 4K Download software functionality.

Is there a tax fee?

Depending on your billing address, local taxes can be imposed. We return this fee to the government of your country.

When does a license key expire?

Personal and Pro license keys for 4K Download applications don’t have an expiration date, they last a lifetime on up to 3 computers. After activating a license 3 times, you will need to purchase a new license key to activate it again.

Lite license keys have an expiration date of one year. After one year from the date of purchase, the owner of a Lite license must renew or purchase a Personal or Pro license to continue using the premium features.

Please note that the 4K Download Bundle does not include Lite keys, which means you do not need to renew the licenses included in the bundle.

Would reinstalling the application/OS remove a license key activation?

These actions shouldn’t affect your license key activation, but if it happens, please contact 4K Download support team and they will fix the license key count.

I can't activate/find my license key. What should I do?

You can request help and resending your 4K Download license key information, providing the email you’ve made the purchase with or the transaction number and your full name at

How can I retrieve my lost 4K Download license key?

Lost license keys for 4K Download applications can be acquired the following way:

  • Open 4K Download key retrieval page

  • Type in the email address you’ve used to purchase the key with.

  • Click the arrow sign to submit the information.

After that, your license key number will be automatically sent to the specified email address in a few moments. In case it is not in your inbox, make sure to check junk mail folder.

If you’ve lost access to the purchase email address, please contact our support team at

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