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How to Download Full Music Albums from YouTube

How to Download Full Music Albums from YouTube

We all love music, there are no ifs and buts about it. It’s like a friend that is always with us, that cheers up when we are down, and makes us want to dance and reach to the skies when we are happy. And who doesn’t wish to always be in a company of a loyal friend?

While most of us have playlists of favorite tracks from multiple different artists, some musicians take a special place in our hearts. We naturally want to be able to listen to their whole albums, not just single tracks; but what is the easiest and cheapest way to get full discographies of favorite artists?

YouTube is a great source for this matter, there are quite a lot of full albums of every possible genre. The albums are usually uploaded two ways - in a playlist with numerous videos for each track and as one video with all songs joined in one long audio track. The latter usually has timestamps for each song given in the description or in the comment section.

  1. Head to YouTube and type in the name of the album and the artist into the search bar. You can specify what you are looking for by adding ‘full album’ to your search query.

  1. Find either a playlist or a video containing the album:

  1. If you want to specifically find a playlist, open the search filters and click on 'Playlist':

  1. Copy the link from the browser and paste it into 4K Video Downloader , a free cross-platform application for fast audio and video downloading. Open the application and click the Paste link button, the playlist will start downloading to your computer.

  2. If you want to transfer the playlist to your iTunes library, mark the checkbox in 4K Video Downloader’s Preferences before pasting the link:

  3. Downloading process of a full album in one video is the similar to the playlist’s - just open 4K Video Downloader and paste the link.

  1. Open website and uploaded the file you got with 4K Video Downloader there. Alternatively you can pick an audio cutting tool from this list.

  1. Specify the beginning and ending of each track one by one. You can get the timestamps from the YouTube video description or music information sites like Discogs:

  1. Click ‘Cut’ and wait until the process is finished to download the track to your computer. Right on you can also create an iPhone ringtone from any place of the audio track you uploaded:

  1. That’s it! Now you can FULLY enjoy your favorite music both on computer and portable device whenever and wherever you go!

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