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Non-Profit and Educational Discount Program

4K Download products have over 2 million users worldwide, including not only individuals but also companies. Some of the organizations operate in educational settings and on a non-profit basis. They serve socially significant causes and every penny they invest counts.

We understand the importance of their work and the struggle to get funds. In order to help them do more good while spending less, we offer discounts on all of our applications.

Educational organizations may apply for discounts by providing the following information:

  • Educational facility name
  • 4K Download applications of interest
  • The required number of premium licenses

In return, we will calculate the full amount of the license price and make a discount.

Nonprofit organizations are eligible for a special discount and may get a free license. Apply by contacting us with the information about the organization and the 4K Download application you want to get a license for.

Please contact us at support@4kdownload.com