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  2. Cash In: Join 4K Download Affiliate Program

Cash In: Join 4K Download Affiliate Program

Cash In: Join 4K Download Affiliate Program

Good news for all 4K Download users who wanted to share the profit from our product with us! Our team offers an affiliate program where you get 50% of the revenue per sale as a commission.

It works simple and straightforward: you acquire an affiliate link and get paid when other users buy our apps using it. The payments received through affiliate partners are tracked through an affiliate link and cookies (the cookies storage period is 180 days).

The amount of money you can earn totally depends on the 4K Download apps you choose to promote. When your revenue balance reaches $500, you can withdraw them. Until you reach the required minimum payout amount, your affiliate balance will roll over to accumulate the minimum threshold of the payout sum.

To learn more about the program terms and conditions or to apply for it, visit this page . You can join the affiliate program right now. We’re looking forward to having you in our affiliate team and sharing the profit with you!

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