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  2. 4K Download Users raised $2500 for Homeless Animals Charity

4K Download Users raised $2500 for Homeless Animals Charity

4K Download Users raised $2500 for Homeless Animals Charity

Dear 4K Downloaders, we have wonderful news!

As you know, every Christmas holiday we organize different charity campaigns in order to give a helping hand and hope, to share the miracle of Christmas with everyone, who is in great need. This year isn’t an exception as this time we managed to raise $2500 and support shelters for homeless animals in Russia. However, it wouldn’t be possible without you, our dearest 4K Download community, as every user, who purchased 4K Download license keys at that time, automatically donated 10% to Animal Defence Fund.

This is your outstanding achievement as well!

Together, we helped 2 large animal shelters with more than 500 homeless dogs and 60 cats, providing them with over 650 kilograms of proper food, medical care, treats, special equipment and toys. This means that we have saved at least about 600 innocent lives.

4K Download team really stands for Mahatma Gandhi’s opinion: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Thank you very much for all your devotion, understanding and help in this extremely important event! We can make this world a little better every day!

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