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Meet New Vocal and Instrumental AI Splitter - Lalal.ai

Meet New Vocal and Instrumental AI Splitter - Lalal.ai

We are happy to share with you an aspiring and promising service, an AI-powered vocal and instrumental track removal Lalal.ai. The service uses a novel and advanced way to extract voices and instrumentals from music tracks. It utilises a machine-learning algorithm to precisely identify and carefully separate vocal and instrumental tracks.

Lalal.ai - Next-Generation Voice Removal

Lalal.ai is an audio-splitting service which utilises artificial intelligence and machine learning to accurately isolate vocals and instrumentals from any music track, and all that with the outstanding quality. Check it yourself! Just visit the website and upload any song you want to extract vocals or backtracks from. It’s completely free of charge, and all audio formats are supported.

The Lalal.ai team of machine learning professionals has put together 45 million neural network parameters and advanced digital signal processing to deliver you the best results of audio removal technology. They’ve developed and trained a unique neural network based on 20TB of training data to extract instrumentals and voice tracks from songs and make music creation and mixing easier for DJs, musicians, sound producers, dancers, karaoke lovers and other creative people!

The Lalal.ai team has compared all available audio extracting methods and proved theirs to be the best. They have developed some of these methods using their music database.

With Lalal.ai, you easily and quickly can:

  • Extract instrumentals from ANY song track without a quality loss for free. Isolate instrumentals and create DJ sets, remixes, and beats or just enjoy instrumental parts in the highest quality. Lalal.ai supports all audio formats.

  • Download extracted audio in the same format and quality as the source file.

  • Separate vocals from songs and create your own flawless karaoke tracks or listen to acapella.

  • Remove voice and backtracks from ANY files with voices and background music: movies, podcasts, videos, and alike.

  • Download all tracks directly to your PC or Mac in just a couple of clicks.

If you’re a DJ, sound producer, musician, composer, karaoke lover or just a person who can’t live without music, feel free to visit the Lalal.ai website and try out its novel functionality for free!

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