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4K Stogram: Meet 3.1 Update

4K Stogram: Meet 3.1 Update

The 4K Download team is happy to announce that the new version of 4K Stogram, our Instagram viewer and downloader tool, has rolled out!

Here’s what new we have in the release:

  • Notifications

Now, 4K Stogram sends you notifications when you face download errors, reach your daily limits, and finish the download.

To set up and manage your notifications, you can head to Preferences, then Notifications and switch on/off the notifs as you wish.

  • New pop-up windows

When you want to log out, subscribe to Instagram accounts, or quit the current session, 4K Stogram will show you the pop-up windows asking you to confirm the action.

  • Dark Mode for Windows

You have been waiting for this for a long time, and it has finally happened! Now, Windows users can design the UI as they want and turn the Dark Mode on.

  • Some minor bugs are fixed, and improvements have been made.

You can download and launch the new update of 4K Stogram on your Windows, macOS or Linux PC just now!

If you have any questions or offers, please contact our support team via support@4kdownload.com or reach us on Twitter, YouTube , Facebook, Reddit, or Instagram.

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