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3D Video: How To Watch It And Where To Get It

3D Video: How To Watch It And Where To Get It

3D video has been the rage for several years, even more so with the availability of 3D TVs for home use. In addition to home 3D TVs, many users simply download 3D videos to their computers or laptops and watch them using 3D glasses. In this article, we will take a look at the types of 3D video that are currently in use, how 3D video works, how you can watch 3D videos at home, and where you can get your own 3D content to watch at home.

Types of 3D Video and how they work

There are several different types of 3D video, including Polarization, Anaglyph, Eclipse, Interference filter technology, Pulfrich, Spectral Separation, Lenticular or Barrier Screens and Autostereoscopic Displays. The differences between them vary, but typically the differences affect how viewers see the images through glasses, and how pixels are transmitted to the viewing audience. For instance, Autostereoscopic Displays do not require any 3D glasses because half of the pixels are angled to the left and half to the right. Once the user is viewing the screen from a specific distance, this creates an illusion of 3D, as the pixels angle into the left or right eye.

Anaglyph 3D is when each lens of the 3D glasses are in separate colors. For instance, the left eye is red, while the right eye is blue. These red/blue lens block and unblock other colors which results in a 3D effect.

Theaters typically only use Polarized or Field Sequential 3D formats, with Polarized being the most common. With Polarized 3D formats, the left eye lens uses one specific polarized light wave, while the right eye lens uses a different one. Each lens blocks the images meant for the other. This results in a satisfying 3D effect which can be viewed in full color.

Field Sequential 3D format opens and closes the 3D glasses lens like a shutter, but at a very high speed. One lens opens while the other remains closed, then it switches at very high rates of speed. The resulting effect is nearly identical to that of Polarized.

How To Watch 3D video

There are ways to watch 3D video right at home on your PC, laptop or TV, without having to spend thousands of dollars on a specially-made 3D TV. Typically this involves the use of 3D glasses, and occasionally tweaking video and audio settings. For a more detailed guide, check out this excellent source, the complete guide to watching 3D at home.

Your other option is to buy a 3D TV, which allows users to watch 3D at home without having to wear 3D glasses. The only downside is the current price, which can reach thousands of dollars depending on the size.

Where to get free 3D content

3D content is freely available online for users that wish to download their own content. Torrents is a very popular method of obtaining 3D videos and watching them at home. uTorrent, BitTorrent and Vuze are a few of the most popular torrent-downloading tools. Users can search for content using a torrent site such as Torrentz, and when they find 3D content they wish to download, they can do so using one of the aforementioned tools.

YouTube has 3D videos, but they make it hard for users to download them unless they have a special downloading tool such as 4K Video Downloader. This tool makes it simple to download any videos, including 3D videos, 4K videos, and even blocked/banned videos. It's simple to use, simply copy the YouTube video URL and paste it into 4K Video Downloader, and as soon as your computer downloads the file, you will be enjoying excellent 3D content in your own home!

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