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Top 10 Instagram Photographers You Should Be Following

Simone Bramante - Simone captures breathtaking photos of people and natural occurrences with perfect timing.

Mike Kus - Based in the United Kingdom, Mike is a graphic designer, Illustrator and photographer who posts stunning photos of landscapes and people.

Kirsten Alana - Kirsten is a former wedding photographer who finds the artistic beauty in everything from makeup to horse rides on the beach.

Sam Horine - Based in New York City, Sam Horine finds and captures inner city beauty in some of the least-expected places.

Janske- Janske is a talented landscape photographer who finds the beauty in various landscapes around the world.

Kevin Russ - Kevin is a unique photographer who takes a wide variety of stunning photos using only his iPhone.

Dirk Bakker - Based in Amsterdam, Dirk is a graphic designer that finds the natural, and unnatural, contrasts in buildings and architecture.

Theron Humphrey - Theron is a talented photographer that appears to be determined to take as many photos of his dog in unique locations and poses as possible. Dog and animal lovers will adore this collection.

David Guttenfelder - David is the chief photographer for the Associated Press in Asia. He is currently covering situations in Rwanda, Africa.

Brooklyn Street Art - Based in New York City, Brooklyn Street Art features a variety of talented photographers that capture street art.

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