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Top 5 Print Art Ideas With Instagram Photos

Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing services available. More than that, Instagram is a complete photo and video social network. But besides sharing photos with your friends, there are numerous more-creative activities that can be performed using your photos or your friends' photos from Instagram. Photos can be printed on a variety of items such as pillows, postcards, even ceramic tiles. You can even download photos and videos from private accounts. In this article, we will take a look at five of the most popular print art ideas that can be created using Instagram photos.

Top 5 Print Art Ideas With Instagram Photos


Postagram is a fun and refreshing service that allows users choose an Instagram photo and have it mailed to their friends or family for a low cost of only one dollar. The postcard incorporates the Instagram photo as a popout feature, and also includes a personalized message. As impersonal as email has become, a personal message complete with photo for only one dollar is just too great of a surprise gift to pass up.

4K Stogram

The 4K Stogram is a free program that allows users to download and backup Instagram photos and videos, including those from private accounts. You can follow your favorite Instagram users, and get their photos downloaded automatically. Files are accessible online and offline, and can be used to create slideshow presentations, or just to create backups of your photos and your friends' photos as well. Videos can be saved in the popular MP4 format, and are compatible with Windows, Mac and Ubuntu.


Want to add some pizazz to your bedroom decor? Pick out your favorite Instagram photo and send it to Stitchtagram. The company will create a luxurious fifteen-inch linen/cotton pillow illustrated with your Instagram photo. Now you can snuggle up next to your favorite photo on the couch, or just use it to add some flair to your bedroom. Stitchtagram is not a cheap service, it costs about $50 per pillow, but it is a unique service that allows you to treasure your memorable photos every time you lie down with your pillow.


Casetify makes it simple to create customized smartphone cases for your mobile device using photos from Instagram. Your photo can be printed on either a black or white case. It's the perfect way to use your favorite photo to implement your phone case with your very own illustrations. Prices range from $35-55, and are available for iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy S-series, iPad and iPad Mini, iPod Touch, Galaxy Note, Nexus, and more.


ImageSnap is a unique service allows users to create floor or wall ceramic tiles using their Instagram photos. Photos can be printed on ceramic tiles ranging in size from 2"-12", and these tiles can be installed on any floor or wall surface using typical mortar and grout. The smaller sizes of tiles can be used as refrigerator magnets. Using your favorite Instagram photos, you can create the perfect floor or wall art, or send creative gifts to your friends.

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