Subscribe to YouTube channels right in 4K Video Downloader

Subscribe to YouTube channels right in 4K Video Downloader

Dear 4K Video Downloader users, we’ve decided to start spring with the exciting update and since the 1st of March after downloading the new version of 4K Video Downloader you all may subscribe to favorite YouTube channels within the app.

It’s as easy and as convenient as it sounds - after subscribing to the channels you most often download videos from or after choosing any one of your liking, the new videos from them will automatically download to your computer.

Popular YouTubers are known for having precise schedules of uploading new videos and as fan of quite a number of them, it’s not always easy to keep in mind all the dates of long-awaiting updates.

Luckily, you don’t have to keep yourself up with YouTubers updates anymore, because 4K Video Downloader will do it for you!

This brand new feature must be thrilling for everyone - it doesn’t matter if you’re after YouTube stars or just here to watch tutorials and lectures from time to time, - you’ll never miss on new stuff with 4K Video Downloader!

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