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The Most Subscribed YouTubers

Nowadays it’s easy to find any content for our education and entertainment with the help of the Internet, and one of the most plentiful and popular platforms is, without a doubt, YouTube.

It’s a place of thousands of talented people sharing their thoughts and creative vision with the world and in 2016 you may be sure not only to find the channel dedicated to your favorite things or hobbys, but also to choose one with most appealing style and of specific manner.

Every month and every year many informational websites create lists of most viewed videos and most subscribed YouTube channels.

Even though the popularity of quite a number of YouTubers vary from region to region, the top 5 channels are the same for the whole world. Learn about them with us if you haven’t already!

  1. PewDiePie

pewdipie channel

Felix Kjellberg, known better as PewDiePie, has 42 million subscribers, and is staying the most popular YouTuber for many years. He started as a student, working minimum wage day jobs, hardly finding money to pay rent, but his video gaming hobby made him wealthy. Felix was the first to ever make a Let’s Play video content on YouTube and with thousands and thousands competitors now, he still manages to stay on top because of his charismatic videos and quirky personality.

2. HolaSoyGerman

HolaSoyGerman channel

HolaSoyGerman is a YouTube channel of German Garmendia, a Chilean comedian.

He makes humorous videos on almost every topic possible, makes vlogs, uses costumes, writes hilarious songs, and 26 million people love it!

3. YouTube Spotlight

youtube spotlight channel

Unlike the two young men above, this channel owner in not really a YouTuber, but one of YouTube’s official informative channels. It’s a daily go-to for discovering what’s new and trending around the world, from music to culture to Internet phenomena, in other words, the channel you need to be subscribed to in order to keep in touch with pop-culture trends and never miss must-see videos. 24 million people are already subscribed, rush to join them!

4. Smosh

smosh channel

Smosh is a comedy duo of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. They do sketches, parody videos, gaming and animation content, all that in their own unique manner, which 21 million people found it cool and funny enough to subscribe, there is definitely a reason for you to check it too!

5. Justin Bieber

justin bieber channel

An extremely popular Canadian pop singer started his career with uploading cover song videos on YouTube and still remains to be in YouTube’s top, but now on VEVO channel with expensive music videos on his own songs.

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