Search and download Instagram photos by hashtags and geolocation with the new 4K Stogram

Search and download Instagram photos by hashtags and geolocation with the new 4K Stogram

This spring 4K Download users continue to be rejoiced with astonishing surprises by the developers - alongside with the release of 4.0 version of 4K Video Downloader and all its new goods, there is an update of 4K Stogram with 2 new features - ability to download photos by hashtag and by geolocation!

Hashtags are metadata tags you may find on absolutely every social network and blogging service of today. They are used as labels by which bloggers can conveniently organize their posts, as well as it also helps users find the needed specific content.

4K Stogram users may now do a search on a specific hashtag and download all the photos of the tagged events, situations, like-minded people and any other content on the subject matter.

Another great feature allows 4K Stogram users to download Instagram photos by geolocation. You’ve been on vacation and want some more current and bright photos of this place? Want to get all the photos from the restaurant you’ve spent many warm evenings with friends in? Need to download pictures of particular country or city for your college project? Or just want some beautiful photos of favorite places to always be on your computer even without the Internet connection? Then you will definitely find this feature useful!

No matter what themes, places or events are of your interest, give these new amazing features a try - download the latest version of 4K Stogram and log in to your Instagram account, do a search on a preferable subject and enjoy the results!

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