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The Most Followed Instagram Accounts

The Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Instagram is one of a kind social network - it’s not only an easy way to stay in touch with friends, it’s also a fun way to create a documentary of your own life, with numerous filters and features to make even basic mobile photos look like professional shots. No wonder why millions of people from all over the globe use it everyday and can’t imagine their Internet experience without it. Instagram simplicity and uniqueness made it popular also among many celebrities who in different approaches contact with their fans and express themselves. Some tend to only promote their music, some share intimate moments and exclusive photos. We’ve decided to sum up most followed Instagram accounts of 2016 so far into a list, and of course the top places were taken by celebrities with enormously huge fanbases. However, popularity of their art is not the only factor they’re so popular on Instagram, take a look at our Top 5 to learn more!

5. The fifth place takes Beyonce with 63 million followers.


Queen Bey’s Instagram profile resemblance a profile of almost every single regular user - she posts a lot of selfies, adorable photos of her daughter Blue Ivy trying on the mother’s makeup, pics of her husband Jay-Z and her having a dinner on the couch and them wearing costumes.

And 63 million people for sure love Beyonce’s photos to be the way they are - simple and glamorous at the same time. Keep it real with Beyonce and follow her at @beyonce

4. On the 4th place with 63.1m followers Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande is another celebrity that seems to be extremely down to earth, judging by her Instagram - it’s full of photos of her grandparents she proclaims tons of love to, pics with fans and from parties with friends, as well as numerous photos of her dogs. Even more so, Ariana often posts humorous fanmade pics and she clearly isn’t afraid not only to laugh at herself, but also to invite 63.1 million followers to do it with her. Come join Ariana’s fun party at @arianagrande

3. The third place belongs to a famous reality TV show’s star, tabloids’ fave, model and designer, Kim Kardashian, who has 63.6m followers.


Kim K’s Instagram is exactly what you expect it to be: lots and lots and lots of flawless selfies (some are even taken for her by the special hired team!), photos from magazine photoshoots and fancy parties, promos of her very own app, occasional photos from vacations and family functions, and of course pics with her sisters and husband Kanye West.

2. Taylor Swift has second place with 69.1m followers


Her Instagram is quirky and cute, it feels like Taylor genuinely loves sharing her intimate moments with fans and has the most fun time with other celebrities, and over 69.1 million people definitely adore that trait of one of the best-selling pop-artists of all time. You should definitely check her profile out too at @taylorswift

1.The crown takes Selena Gomez with over 69.5m people following her on Instagram


American popstar and Disney Channel actor Selena Gomez is the most popular Instagrammer with more than 69.5 million followers, who enjoy her snaps from photoshoots and casual selfies.

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