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Top 5 Tools For Embedding Instagram Feed On Your Website

Top 5 Tools For Embedding Instagram Feed On Your Website

Instagram is a broadly known application that becomes more and more popular each day. With its growth many users started to look for ways of downloading Instagram photos, online viewing the feed, as well as for embedding their Insta timeline into their websites. We have already covered topic of downloading photos and online feed viewer with the help of our very own tool - 4K Stogram and today we’ve decided to share a few notable services we trust and recommend that will help you to embed Instagram feed on your site as well.

Instagram Official Embedding

Instagram developers offer the ability to embed the feed and separate photo posts on your site and particularly to your WordPress account right on official website. This is the first one you will find when doing a search on the subject and most trusted one. Check the thorough tutorial on how to embed your feed right via Instagram here.

Instagram Developer Documentation 2016-07-23 13-42-30.png


Instush is a pretty handy tool with a variety of features for any active Instagram user - you can create wallpapers out of Insta photos for your screen, Twitter and Facebook covers, choose one of 14 types of Instagram gallery designs you can put on your website, moreover, with Instush you are able to pick photos not only from the feed, but also selecting specific accounts, liked photos and even hashtags. Learn how photo embedding works with this tool from their tutorial. Note that your account must be public in order to publish your Instagram gallery.

Welcome to Instush | Create Amazing Instagram Gallery 2016-07-23 13-44-06.png


This service has a great number of amazing widgets, each one differs from another not only by design, but by special features as well: there are widgets that allow filtering by username, adding photos location map, creating slideshow out of picked snaps, making a scrolling header and many other options for embedding from Instagram and even Twitter. If you enjoy being able to choose from a bunch of interactive and stylish variants, you should definitely give Snapwidget a try.

SnapWidget | Instagram Widget 2016-07-23 13-44-51.png

4K Stogram

You may be surprised we put this application to this list, but 4K Stogram can actually be helpful when it comes to embedding too. Some people may eventually make their account private or delete some photos you have embedded and it will give your widget a bad look. However, deleted photos and pictures from private accounts you follow will never disappear from your 4K Stogram feed. It’s a more ‘hardcore’ option, but you can create a collage of favorite photos you’d like to see on your site with no extra information like the username, number of comments, etc. and upload it as your header, for instance.

4K Stogram 2016-07-23 13-52-04.png


The last but surely not the least one is Juicer, which is an extremely helpful service for embedding posts from any social media on your site, Instagram is only the tip of the iceberg. With this service you will never have the need to update the embed codes - set Juicer to auto-upload and embed new posts from Instagram. Add simultaneously all of your social media accounts and tags, easily delete posts you don’t want showing up with their straightforward moderation, plus, you can use it on any site! All the needed functions wrapped in minimalistic and sophisticated package - you shouldn’t miss on this one for sure!

Social Media Feeds for your website. - Juicer 2016-07-23 13-46-23.png

P.S. If you need to quickly and organically grow your Instagram account without any bots, we highly recommend you to use Combin tool. It's a free tool and it's nicely done.

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