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5 Instagram Marketing Tools to Increase Your Brand's Popularity

5 Instagram Marketing Tools to Increase Your Brand's Popularity

Instagram has been out for 6 years already, yet it is still perceived by many people as an application purely for food photos and selfies. While people really do use Instagram to keep friends and relatives updated on what’s going on with their lives, the general idea behind whole medium is to see and be seen, which opens the door for a variety of opportunities if used right. The one option we will take a closer look at, is using Instagram for marketing purposes.

The following marketing tools will help your brand pop on Instagram:


Application for scheduling, has free version and a variety of business plans for individuals and brands of any income.


Key features:

- Calendar-view scheduling.

- Link shortening - It’s important to shorten links to your websites for convenience of you and your customers.

- Bulk Photo&Video Upload - Sync and store your photos from iPhone, Google Drive or Dropbox, create a convenient storage you and your colleagues may use any time.

- Put labels on photos or separate them on groups.


Website for automated promotion of your account. Note, such tools as this one you may get a lot in a short time, but it won’t be for good and there is a risk your Instagram account being banned.


Key features:

- Multiple accounts management

- Search by account’s followers, hashtags and location

- Bulk-liking, commenting and following of target audience’s accounts and posts

- Ability to create, save and use presets for searching and following potential customers


An organic growth oriented application that strikes the perfect balance - it’s FREE, safe, has minimalistic user-friendly design and a handful of the most helpful features.


Key features:

- Advanced Instagram Search (Perform search by single and combined characteristics - by hashtag, location, among followers and commenters of certain Instagram accounts)

- Sorting + Preview - Sort search results by number of followers, likes and comments - find the hottest content and most popular users

- Ability to participate in discussions with your potential followers under the found posts, to leave likes and comments.

- Scheduling - Queueing system executes your daily tasks and guards you from reaching Instagram’s limit of followings and likes per day.

- Multiple Account Management

- Safety - all interactions with your Instagram community happen on your computer only. Account passwords are not being stored, and used only once to request access token from Instagram.


Website for Instagram reposting and analytics management&analysis.


Key features:

- Follower growth measuring feature - Track your progress and plan what to do next to attract new people non-stop.

- Daily gained and lost followers count

- Top Followers identifying feature

- Followers location statistics - Check what regions are the most interested in your product.

- Most engaging media detector - See what posts gained the biggest amount of likes and comments.

Facetune + Afterlight

Photo-editing applications for iOS and Android.

Both have lots of filters to make your photos more alike, subtle and sophisticated, however, Facetune is more oriented on face editing, while Afterlight is more about changing colors and intensities, and adding textures and frames to pictures.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 12.31.21.png

Remember, combining several application is potent for your brand. Constant looking for new people and engaging with their accounts is as important as posting wisely and at the right time. We wish you luck on your way to success and hope that our advice will be of help!

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