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New Cool Features of A Fresh 4K Stogram Update

New Cool Features of A Fresh 4K Stogram Update
Dear users, we are glad to announce that 4K Stogram update has finally been rolled out! 4K Stogram version includes major bug fixes, improved stability and new features you’ve been asking us to implement:

Ability to subscribe to following list of any Instagram user

Click with the right mouse button on any account’s username or photo to open context menu and download photos from all accounts the user is following on Instagram. Subscribe to them within 4K Stogram, download new photos from them automatically - watch any user’s Instagram timeline in real time right from 4K Stogram!

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 11.25.49.png

Advanced search filters

Now opening Tools > Preferences tab opens settings window where you can not only login with your account and change directory now, but also set sorting by either date or username as a default. Moreover, there you are also able to turn on advanced filters, so you can sort search results out by all filters right from 4K Stogram’s main window.

Ability to download only videos from Instagram accounts and locations

Mark the box ‘Only video’ in search filters bar after enabling advanced filters, type in username, hashtag or pick location and download all videos from them.

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 11.28.15.png

We hope you will enjoy using new 4K Stogram features, get 2.2 version for your Mac, Windows or Linux to try them out now!

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