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The Most Used & Useful Applications for Mac OS Selected by 4K Download Team

The Most Used & Useful Applications for Mac OS Selected by 4K Download Team

There is a big broad, almost infinite sea of applications for Mac OS suited for every imaginable task and purpose. Freedom of choice is always nice, but one may wonder - what are the essential Mac applications? What programs are always at hand of veteran Mac users? Which applications need to be downloaded if you’ve just got your first Apple computer? Learn from our list of the most used and most useful applications for Mac below!

1. Coconut Battery

We all hate when our devices broke or die on us, so even if you have brand new Mac, you need to be aware of its ‘health’. Coconut Battery is created for those who care about their Apple machines: it keeps you updated on the battery’s capacity in relation to the original capacity your battery had when it left the factory, the battery and computer’s age, how often the battery was charged, etc.

2. Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync is an absolute go-to for file storage and syncing between all your devices, not necessarily Apple ones. Everything saved to Resilio Sync may be shared between your home computer, a work one and your smartphone.

3. 1password

It’s an utility that conveniently keeps all your passwords in one place and does so safely. Free your mind from unnecessary information, remember just one password - the one that unlocks 1password!

4. VLC Player


VLC is hands down one of the most popular media players and the most popular one for Mac.

It’s been here for years, working like a charm and supporting all possible media formats. This one is a necessity for everyone who spend a lot of time enjoying music and videos, and would rather pass on bulky default players that can handle only a few specific file formats.

5. 4K Video Downloader

It’s an ultimate application for downloading music and videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Tumblr, and various other sites to your Mac. 4K Video Downloader supports quite a number of different media file formats, lets you download in 4K and even 8K resolution. On top of that, it has a subscription feature that lets you subscribe to favorite YouTube channels within the app and gets freshly uploaded YouTube videos downloaded automatically to your computer.

6. Transmission


Continuing on downloading topic, we also highly recommend Transmission - a number one torrent client that is native, open source and easy to use.

7. Tunnelblick

It’s a VPN utility for Mac OS that doesn’t require much but give a lot. You can visit sites and download from services blocked in your region almost right after downloading Tunnelblick from the site, as it already has all necessary drivers, including OpenVPN, and binaries.

8. Tadam

Ironically, our list of the best applications finishes with the application that reminds you to.. spend less time behind your computer! It’s actually no joke, taking regular breaks and increasing their length each time makes you much more productive than just splitting your work day in half by one lunch. Tadam eliminates stress burnouts, creates better work balance and prevents procrastination and the problems that follow it. Every Mac user struggling with time management should give this app a go!

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