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Top 3 Tools for Instagram Stories

Top 3 Tools for Instagram Stories
Instagram has introduced stories in August 2016 and it his single feature has more daily active users than the whole Snapchat , an application that popularized stories concept. Creating and sharing stories is easy and it’s perfect for depicting everyday life as stories don’t flood the feed, users watch them at their preference, moreover, they only last 24 hours. Over almost a year of their existence on Instagram there were a lot of improvements and additional fun abilities to make each story unique and creative - AR face masks, lots of filters, stickers, ability to reply to stories with a picture or video, to add interactive hashtag, location, mention an Instagram user, create a Boomerang and many more. Nevertheless, there are still not enough features to cater to all Instagram users’ needs, as there are new applications on the market that offer a wide variety of abilities that take your stories creating and viewing process up on another level. There are a lot of articles about the best applications for stories, but most of them mention apps that have been out for years and have no direct link to Instagram stories whatsoever (like using mobile photo and video editing apps to get more filters for stories posts, for instance). Today we’d like to present our top 3 applications that have been designed for Instagram first and foremost, and which we consider to be essential for any active Instagram stories user:

  1. Chrome IG Story


What Instagram certainly lacks regarding stories is the ability to watch them via web - it’s not always convenient to watch stories from mobile application, moreover, not everybody is eager to replace their old phones that simply do not support any of Instagram novelties. Luckily, this addon for Google Chrome browser allows watching Instagram stories of your following on web. If you are already logged in with your IG account on Chrome browser, you simply need to add Chrome IG Story addon to your extensions and immediately after it you will see stories of your friends above the feed.

  1. 4K Stogram


The other highly anticipated stories feature Instagram doesn’t provide is downloading stories. As mention before, stories only ‘live’ for 24 hours and many users want to save them for good. 4K Stogram, an ultimate Instagram downloader, has just recently added long-awaited Instagram stories downloading feature. Download the application, log in and get Instagram stories instantly, along with regular photos and videos from accounts, hashtags, and locations (carousel posts included!)

3. Storyheap


This application is a Snapchat and Instagram stories feed viewer, and among other features, it allows scheduling your stories, posting 10 seconds videos simultaneously to both Snapchat and Instagram too to save your precious time, and shows statistics, including numbers of each story’s plays and views, along with total amount of followers and the growth of their number. Storyheap could be interesting for any Instagram user, and of extreme help to brand owners and bloggers.

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