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Top 3 Video Converters by 4K Download Support Team

Top 3 Video Converters by 4K Download Support Team

We have reviewed the majority of video converters, many of them are supposed to be free, but they actually aren’t. We have checked their features and are ready to present our top 100% free Mac OS and Windows video converters! You can easily use them as great additional products for your multimedia needs.

  1. HandBrake

It’s an absolutely free software for Mac, Windows and Linux, which can convert even 4K resolution files. It doesn’t have a super stylish interface and may look a bit difficult to use, but it certainly does its job very well. No minute/size/tries limitations, no watermarks. To add to this, it doesn’t have any annoying ads.

2) Any Video Converter

It’s a great app to convert videos. Even though it’s not actually free, the feature to convert videos with no limitations is included into the free version. This software is quite simple, yet it allows input of more than 60 formats, including 4K and user-defined video outputs. Batch conversion is also a great feature of this app.

3) VLC media player.

This player can also convert files! It’s especially convenient when you just occasionally need to convert MKV to MP4. Simply run VLC, click Media, then Convert and Save. After that choose the needed format and start converting. Here you can watch a more detailed tutorial about it.

If you have found some more simple and free video converters, don’t hesitate to share them with us! We will necessarily review them and add it to this list.

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