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  2. 4K Download team is happy with 2018 results, "rocking around the Christmas tree"

4K Download team is happy with 2018 results, "rocking around the Christmas tree"

4K Download team is happy with 2018 results, "rocking around the Christmas tree"

New 2019 Year and Christmas are coming, the time of happiness, joy and fun. It’s also a great opportunity to look back through 2018, analyze and sum up everything that has happened to make certain conclusions, set goals for the coming year to achieve them successfully.

2018 has indeed been a productive, rewarding and active year for 4K Download team in all spheres, so we have decided to share our achievements with our dearest users, the real inspiration and motivation to develop our company, make 4K Download software as much convenient, easy and powerful as possible. Here are our top 6 events, that have made this year especially important.

4K Video Downloader has become the best free YouTube downloader of the year, according to TechRadar!

It's the second year in a row TechRadar acclaims our application.
TechRadar has described 4K Video Downloader as a great free tool for quick, fuss-free YouTube downloads. It's simple to use, highly customizable, ad-free, and doesn't include any bundled extra software.

We are grateful for such a high ranking and trust, and hope 4K Video Downloader makes it as the best of 2019 as well!

4K Download got 90% growth of User base in 2018!

We really appreciate such growing interest to our company of our dear users and hope to maintain and increase it in the coming year!

4K Download users have tripled their downloads!

Each month we receive more and more actions per day, so now our servers get 3 times more events than in the beginning of the year. It’s extremely important to us as this is how we know you need our software and use it to the full!

More and more countries start using 4K Download software!

This year we are happy to announce Korea as the most active one in using our downloaders. That’s really great and inspiring! Next year we will surely open 4K Download’s useful features for more countries.

This year we have released more than 20 updates!

All these updates were thoroughly made to catch up with all changes of our supported sites throughout the year and to implement as many new cool features as possible. We all do our best to make the best powerful tool for our users and will continue doing it next year.

4K Download support team has answered more than 100 k messages in 2018!

We are extremely happy to help our users no matter what problems they may come across. With 4K Download support team you can be absolutely sure to get a detailed and prompt answer to your questions, professional pieces of advice and personal help.

All 4K Download team is really glad to congratulate each of you on these bright and happy holidays, wish you all the best! May all your dreams come true!

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