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Top 10 Tools to Use with Instagram

Top 10 Tools to Use with Instagram

Instagram is really one of the most popular and developing apps in the world, with millions of constant users. That’s not surprising, as Instagram adds a great number of extremely useful and cool features all the time, which allow people to express their creative ideas, exchange nice photos, stories and profiles, find friends with the same interests, chat and much more. Due to all these factors the popularity of bloggers and blogging in general has become extremely acute, as now almost everyone can have their own audience to become quite successful.

However, even though Instagram has many cool features, it still lacks some that bloggers or bloggers-beginners need to have to create unique and interesting content, maintain popularity, analyze their followers and interfere with them. In this case, they need to use some other applications or software which can help in their needs. 4K Download team has reviewed hundreds of tools, which can be used for more successful usage of Instagram and has singled out top 10 tools to use with Instagram! Make yourself comfortable and get ready to become a famous blogger!

First of all, if you want to become a blogger and gain followers, you need to have a beautiful account with attractive visuals. You don’t necessarily need to be a professional photographer or have a super expensive camera to take great shots as there are superb applications which will undoubtedly help you achieve this goal.


VSCO is really indispensable for content creation right in your phone. It’s super convenient to use this app as it provides a vast variety of filters which you can apply on-the-go. This app can take your smartphone photos to a completely new level even on the free version. There’s also a huge library of filters available for purchase, giving you endless potential for customizing your photos and setting them apart from the pack.


Canva is an app that offers hundreds of filters, photos and graphic elements to choose from. The best thing about it is that it’s super easy to use! It has a convenient drag and drop feature that allows you to swap in/out any of the elements in a template. The free version even allows you to store up to 3 of your brand colors in the app so that you can easily add them to your design.


Snapseed is another photo editing app that gives you the option to fine-tune your photos. While Instagram’s default filters edit your entire image at once, Snapseed lets you apply your effects with a brush so that you can perfect the details of each photo. For example, you can desaturate only certain portions of an image, making beautiful white and desaturated backgrounds, it can also remove small mistakes, sharpen up your images and add some clarity etc.

Okay, now your photos are ideal, but what about videos? They also need to be stylish and luring!


VidLab is a cool new video editor to make quick little video adjustments. It allows you to cut down videos, to combine multiple videos and add text, music and sounds - everything any Instagram user needs to make a catchy story!

Record It

Record It, as you may guess correctly, is an extremely useful app if you need to record your screen. So for example, if you want to record a tutorial, or simply want to share some funny things with your friends and followers on your screen - this app is definitely for you!


Quik is well-known for its easy and fast editing videos. It offers a big variety of effects and filters that make your video look professionally edited. You can sync music on your videos and append multiple photos and videos together as well as add text, change the layout, rotate, change duration, trim, crop and split. This is amazing as you can make a cool review of your day combining short videos with popular music. Your followers will like it!

Superb! You have cool content and now you need to get more subscribers and there is just one problem - you don’t know how to do it. We are 100% sure you have faced a lot of apps and software promising you huge follower growth, however, how can you be sure these are real Instagram users and these are their real likes, not fake ones? With Combin you will not have to worry about it.


Combin is a cool tool to work with Instagram free of charge. Its indisputable advantages are convenient Instagram audience growth and simplicity. Combin allows performing a targeted search for profiles and posts of potential followers. You just need to set the needed tasks and Combin will do everything for you: following, liking and commenting. Don’t worry - all the tasks are fulfilled in accordance with individual Instagram activity limits and at a speed that doesn’t bring suspicion. Combin also has an excellent feature that many other programs provide separately (which isn’t convenient) or don’t provide at all - it’s analytics. Combin monitors the amount of likes, comments and follows processed through the application and tracks the growth of your Instagram account. So, you can see and analyze the popularity of your Instagram Account for further improvement. Isn’t it cool?

Now you are almost packed: you are a guru of contect and you get followers, you only need influencers. HypeAuditor will help you with influencers, while Social Crawlytics will analyse your competitors.


It is a really great tool to analyse and rank bloggers by quality followers and authentic engagement. It gathers data from different sources, takes only real followers and likes into consideration. Then the algorithm of HypeAuditor ranks influencers and forms the global top influencers’ lists, updated daily. It’s really a must as you need to be absolutely sure in influencers’ quality.

Social Crawlytics

This software allows you to track content and competitors so that you can discover which posts are the most popular and shared on particular websites. Unlike some other social monitoring sites, you run reports on Social Crawlytics by particular domains. So, for instance, you can analyze your competitors to determine what has been their most successful content and how people have shared it. This software also give details of the top authors and their total number of shares. This could give you possible influencers or ideas of how to develop your own account successfully.

Last, but not least, let's imagine the following situation: you have meticulously uploaded your best photos to Instagram and you have a perfect account you need to backup it to your computer. How can you do it? 4K Stogram will do it for you.

4K Stogram

It’s a super easy desktop tool to backup whole Instagram accounts, regardless if it’s your or your friends’ accounts. Downloading photos from Instagram has always been a pain, but 4K Stogram makes this process pleasant and flawless. You can also download photos by certain hashtags or locations, you can even access and download private accounts with 4K Stogram. This tool is really irreplaceable in these situations. It’s available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

These are top 10 tools to use with Instagram to become not only a successful Instagram user, but even a popular blogger. We wish you good luck in using these tools and hope they will really help you in achieving your goals!

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