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10 Video Ideas to Grow Your Business

10 Video Ideas to Grow Your Business

According to HubSpot research on content trends, video rocks.

Video marketing, like any other way of promotion, requires specific analysis. Before implementing some of these video types into your marketing strategy, do some research to figure out which video marketing tools are used by your competitors, and may potentially work for your clients.

We, 4k Download team, made a list of video formats you can simply introduce into your business and grow your clientele. There are no strict rules of making such videos, just embrace your imagination and start creating.

Which videos will work for your business?

Every business has its own videos that typically work and seem understandable to its target audience. Though there are no limits and your success depends on how you’ll make it, not on the format of the video itself.

These are some types of videos you can and should make to grow your brand.


Slideshows are stylish and laconic ways of telling your clients about the products or your brand in general. You can touch upon some pain of your audience and offer a solution to it. Typically, slideshows are used by businesses connected with something creative or visually beautiful like fashion brands, art galleries, or cosmetic brands. But who said that IT or real-estate business couldn’t give it a chance and made amazing slideshows? With 4k Slideshow Maker , you can create your ideal slideshow that will unobtrusively tell your clients about your product or business.

Optimal duration of such ads should take up to 1-5 minutes.

Businesses that usually use slideshows as commercials or brand guidelines are manufacturers of products like gadgets, vehicles, cosmetics, and clothes. Slideshows are also on point for businesses selling some courses or books.

An example of a commercial slideshow is a wedding photoshoot by a photographer Jasmine Star. She uses wedding photos of her clients to sell her services.


The goal of a video review is to show clients how convenient and useful your product is, to show them what your product actually is. Reviews can be made by any business, no matter if you make something material like gadgets or furniture, or something people can’t touch, like software, for instance.

But there are still some products you shouldn’t review.

  • Food. You can’t show the taste to your client.

  • Information products. Reviews typically mean that the product will be shown completely, from all aspects of its use. Thus, you’ll have to give the full program of a course.

  • Medicine. Let’s leave it to doctors, shall we? Though you still can review cosmetics.

  • Clothes. The way of how clothes look depends only on people’s body. You’ll hardly show your clients some ideal picture of how your clothes will look like on every one of them.

There are no rules of optimal duration of such videos. Take your time to tell everything about your product. Now reviews are typically a prerogative of bloggers but businesses start reviewing their own products as well. Often review video combines with a presentation or a demo video.

Educational videos

Guides, webinars, masterclasses, tutorials, life hacks are all kinds of educational videos that can give you a hand if you want to be a leader in your market. Share some useful content with your followers and clients for free, then they will be more willing to buy the products you sell.

Here are the webinars Combin marketing team hosts to share some unique experience with their clients.

Brand videos

Mainly, brand videos are a part of a large marketing campaign. If you do a brand video, you should understand that the goal of this format is to build brand awareness in mass or social media and attract your target audience to the shown products or services.

Optimal duration of a brand video is typically up to 5-7 minutes. Brand videos can simply show the product or tell a short story.

The latter is an example of the HomePod video commercial made by Apple.

360-degree videos

An effective and creative way of grabbing your audience’s attention is VR video content. Virtual reality videos are an emerging trend in video marketing. Not that many businesses include this into their content marketing strategy, so you have a chance to be among the front-runners.

Lipton, for instance, is already using VR to promote its tea.


News videos have two main intentions - to show that you stay on top of trends and to sell your services or products. You can show your development with such videos. Rumor has it, now this format is an alternative to press releases.

Optimal duration of news shouldn’t be longer than 15 minutes. And more importantly, this video form will better work for already well-known or increasingly popular brands and businesses.

An example of such a journalism-like approach in marketing is ASN Media. These guys are video content creation company and their thing is a news-like format of videos which they make for their clients.


Another video format that marketers may steal from journalists.

Interview is a rather complicated form of marketing videos. You have to do some research first, collect and analyze the information about the speaker. An interviewer should prepare the right questions to make it interesting for clients and followers to hear the answers. An interviewer should be competent enough to support the conversation and be flexible if the speaker answers the upcoming questions.

Optimal duration of interviews should vary from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours. Generally, any brand can include such a format into their content marketing strategy since there are always things your clients want to know about the brand.

Take a look at how Disney uses interviews as a part of their content strategy.

Entertaining videos

You can make entertaining videos if your brand is already well-known and if your target audience is okay with that. If your business is an aspiring financial company, then it’s not worth the risk. Don’t make direct offers in entertaining or funny videos, do it through parody or irony. If this works, sells won’t be far behind.

The Dollar Shave Club company grow increased after this funny video they made.

Video infographics

Video infographics can have an educational or entertaining tone. The main rule here is that it shouldn’t belong - 3 minutes will do. These videos look fresh and hold people’s attention.

An example we give here are video marketing tips for real-estate marketers.

Live videos

People love online broadcasts because they’re open and real-time. Sharing your events, manufacturing process or backstage lets your customers be closer to you as a brand and trust you more.

This format will work well for every business and raise the engagement rate of the audience because people are allowed to ask and get feedback from the brand they’re loyal to. Use the opportunities that all main social media give you. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are perfect platforms to broadcast your business.

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