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You Will Lose Your Market Power Without YouTube

You Will Lose Your Market Power Without YouTube

Now YouTube is not solely a social media platform or video hosting; it’s also an open opportunity to promote your business.

According to Similar Web, YouTube is now the second most visited search engine after Google with 1.5 billion users per month. People watch videos and playlists, share and download them, and spend approximately 20 minutes per visit. Twenty-seven million bloggers produce and promote their content on YouTube. But now, not only bloggers are residents of the platform.

Brands on YouTube

Many advertisers still consider YouTube as a hosting platform for videos. Brands upload their videos without their unique style or design, with no planned content or structure. But if your clients find such brand videos, will they be happy to buy anything from you? Hardly.

If you as a brand choose YouTube to be one of your promotion platforms, then work on your channel there so that it will pay off your efforts.

But still, some brands have already tasted the effectiveness of YouTube promotion and now profit on that.

Red Bull

One of the biggest brand accounts on YouTube is Red Bull, with 8.7 millions subscribers. The main focus of the Red Bull channel is extreme sports and lifestyle. They have several playlists and an active community to interact with the followers.

Another interesting thing about Red Bull marketing strategy on YouTube is the Channels tab. The brand distinguishes its main channel and channels with their subprojects like Red Bull Skateboarding, Red Bull Bike, Red Bull Gaming, and others.


The world-renowned fashion and beauty brand Chanel is maybe one of the oldest brands in the industry, but it definitely doesn’t stay behind the newest marketing trends. Chanel YouTube channel has 1.4 million subscribers and is dedicated to its fashion shows, beauty products and tutorials, jewelry, and backstage content.

Though Chanel is a luxury brand, its content is targeted on every customer they have since it’s both stylish and valuable for subscribers.


Google, with its 7.7 million subscribers, devotes its YouTube channel to behind-the-scenes, charity channels, and a great variety of offered content. Just take a look at their playlists and how different they are!

A distinguishing feature of Google content is that they share what’s interesting for them and what their customers care about. But this is not at all surprising considering that YouTube belongs to Google, right?

Marvel Entertainment

This YouTube channel has diverse content where every fan of Marvel movies will find something special. The channel subscribers count equals to 13 million. The content Marvel shares with its audience are movies trailers, a Marvel Super Heroes series, and company news.

Marvel engages its audience in discussions and news in their actively maintained community on YouTube. Do you want your customers to be loyal? Do the same.


The key driver of the GoPro YouTube channel is user-generated content. They incite interest of their customers to create their videos through challenges and contests. GoPro’s content is engaging, interactive, client-oriented, and more importantly, it shows their product in action.

The brand has lots of playlists on their channel - from VR videos to shots with wild animals filmed with GoPro cams. You can download the whole playlists with the 4k Video Downloader .

The GoPro community on YouTube is another takeaway you can implement in your business to form the leadership on the market.

What should I make for YouTube?

As you can see, businesses are very welcome on YouTube. Besides, not just brands are now using YouTube as a marketing platform. TV representatives move to YouTube with their shows, celebrities and bloggers from different social media platforms gain YouTube audience as well.

But what content should you make if you want to be part of the YouTUbe community?

According to Storyblocks + ICXMedia report on YouTube trends and takeaways, the following topics stay on top in 2019:

The top 3 topics are lifestyle, education, and animation. But it doesn’t mean that your content marketing strategy should be based on these pillars. You can choose anything you like and do it better than anyone else. Lifestyle and educational videos get the most viewers, but the competition level here is also rather high. Combine different styles of content like Google or Chanel do.

Why should I use YouTube, anyway?

If you want to reach as much audience as possible, you definitely consider YouTube as a platform for brand awareness and sales. The audience is extremely huge there. No matter what business you own exactly, you can be sure - there are your buyers, and you want to reach them. Moreover, YouTube is a stable media environment where you can collaborate with the best digital influencers or other brands. The algorithms of YouTube allow brands and bloggers to promote their content organically unless they violate the platform rules.

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