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Digital Fitness - Are Real Gyms Going to Die Out?

Digital Fitness - Are Real Gyms Going to Die Out?

Try to type “Fitness” or “Workouts” in the YouTube search and see how many results you’ll get. Exactly. Sports is now in the middle of the digital era.

Popular workout channels have up to 6 million subscribers on YouTube. But not only YouTube can be your digital gym. Let’s not forget about Instagram fitness bloggers and groups, and sports apps as well.

Digital sports age

Social media and Internet influence literally any area of our life - education with its online lessons, how-tos, webinars , and podcasts; medicine with online consulting; shopping with online stores. Sports is not an exception.

When you add the word “digital” to anything, it starts to sound smoother, right? The same thing happens to fitness and lifestyle since vast amounts of people prefer a mobile app or YouTube playlists to a good old fitness gym. But what’s behind this phenomenon? Clearly, there are some benefits from doing sports from the comfort of our homes.

Digital fitness advantages

  • Low-cost

Typically, fitness apps subscriptions are much cheaper than a fitness club member card. And I’m not even mentioning free YouTube channels or playlists and Instagram videos. If your goal is to be fit or to lose a bit of weight, offline gyms are not at all a must.

  • Time-saving

In such a rapidly moving world, people simply have no time to go to the gym after work and then go back home. And not every time this is just an excuse.

So there’s an excellent alternative - apps, channels, playlists, and videos of exercises for beginners and advanced sportsmen.

The variety of fitness plans is also remarkable. If you’re not a fan of usual exercises or popular high intensity interval training, you can easily find yoga, pilates, dances, or different cardio workouts there.

  • Inciting

Many fitness apps like Nike Training Club or Freeletics have communities to let people share their results, gain rewards, and even find partners for jogging. Some apps offer a personalized training and nutrition plans according to your age, gender, current weight, and your goals.

YouTube channels build communities too where moderators give recommendations on how to do exercises properly, make up polls, quizzes and giveaways, share healthy food recipes, give motivations and other valuable related content.

  • Comfortable

Expensive and popular gyms are often overcrowded, and sometimes it’s challenging to get to some particular equipment because there’s literally a queue toward it. So for many sports lovers, digital fitness is a way out. You can work out with any pace you want, even with no equipment and bunches of people around you.

Workout Playlists to Download

YouTube and Instagram provide so many opportunities to work out at home. All you need is to find what you want. With 4k Video Downloader , you can download any playlist you want - fitness challenges , HIIT workouts , cardio training , or yoga - and work out at home.

Instagram is not behind here, as well. If you’re an Insta junkie, 4k Stogram is your assistant in downloading any fitness video from Instagram. Here are some popular Instagram workout blogs. Lisafiit with 1.5 million followers and loads of videos you can workout along or kayla_itsines with almost 12 million subscribers.

As a bonus, here’s a video with music fitness motivation. Yes, there are plenty of such playlists on YouTube.

Are real gyms going to die out?

Hardly. Gyms are full of expensive and professional equipment which many people love using while doing sports. Not many of us gather enough courage to jog in winter mornings, and gyms offer a nice opportunity to run in a warm, comfortable place under the trainer’s control.

More than that, digital trainers and bloggers don’t have such a purpose of overrunning all fitness clubs. They typically have clients offline or work in gyms themselves. By sharing valuable content with us, they earn money with their blogs or advertisers, and often that’s not the only income source.

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