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How and Why to Get in the YouTube Trending?

How and Why to Get in the YouTube Trending?

Any YouTube creator struggles to get on the trending page and feels proud when achieves it. This can be challenging considering that YouTube officially doesn’t allow purchasing places in Trending and doesn’t point out any particular blogger. But still, the 4K Download team reveals basic and ultimate recommendations on how to conquer YouTube Trending.

How does YouTube form Trending?

Videos don’t get on the trending page randomly; there are criteria that the platform follows to form the list and select content. There are several points that a trending video should comply with.

YouTube picks videos on different topics and of various genres to satisfy the viewers. The content should be interesting for a wide audience. That’s why we can often see movie trailers, music videos, or some funny viral stuff in Trending.

Trending lists are different for each country and do not depend on the preferences of each user. These are updated approximately every 15 minutes and the videos range.

YouTube Trending criteria

A limited amount of videos get in Trending every day. YouTube algorithms analyze thousands of videos before letting the latter get the desired trending position. All the videos we see in Trending match the following:

  • They are interesting for a large audience. Viral videos, funny content, movie trailers, music clips, challenges, etc. This is what gets trending on YouTube more often. Niche content will unlikely be trendy on the platform because it’ll hardly get views, comments, likes, and dislikes in a short window of time.

  • They are not misleading or shocking. The name, description, and a preview of a video should reflect the content. Yes, clickbait videos are easily going viral and get in Trending, but if your goal is to set it up in the YouTube tops, try not to make your video misleading. Shock content is not at all welcome in YouTube Trending, either. Violence, cruelty, and adult scenes are easily detected by algorithms.

  • They are up-to-date. The videos set trends or anyhow reflect them. Trending videos should be based on an actual agenda of any field. If a video is bound to some current event, it has more chances to get viral and a larger response.

  • They are creative and unique. Original and unusual content easily resonates with viewers. That’s why YouTube creators are constantly in the search for new fresh ideas and video formats. Creativity is one of the key factors to attract a viewer’s attention.

What does YouTube consider selecting the trending videos?

So, you’ve created a nice interesting video which matches all the aforementioned criteria. What’s next? Which parameters does the platform keep in mind when picking up top videos?

Views number is one of the essential factors when we talk about YouTube Trending. But even more important is how quickly the clip gets the views.

Audience retention is also significant on YouTube. The more people watch your video up to the end, the more likely the platform will recommend it to others. To get in Trending, your video should have at least 40% audience retention rate.

Engagement is another vital point. The more activity the video gets, the more chances it has to be on top. Engagement includes the number of likes, dislikes, and comments under a clip. Comments play a significant role here since this is nearly the most critical engagement factor. The more people comment on the video, the higher YouTube ranges it as it shows that people are interested in this content. Even if the content is actually annoying and has loads of dislikes, comments provide the required activity rate.

YouTube analyzes traffic, as well. A video can get trendy if a lot of people come across the clip organically. The platform takes into account social media platforms where the video was published as well as search engines and other sites.

Generating of subscribers. When YouTube understands that a video attracts new followers to a channel, it considers it as a good signal to promote the content within the platform.

Video resolution. Quality not only in content but in implementation has a significant impact on videos ranging. Videos with a high resolution are more likely to get on the trending page.

What videos are not allowed in Trending?

YouTube algorithms have powerful filters to detect unwanted content. To ensure safety, YouTube filters identify videos with strong language, insults, scenes of violence, and adult content and make sure such clips do not get in Trending. In the USA and some other countries, YouTube stuff checks videos manually to exclude a possibility of shock or insulting content to get on the trending list.

YouTube policy also claims that no one can buy placement on Trending, and there’s no favor for particular creators.

How to get in Trending?

Considering how many factors influence YouTube content ranging, any creator should take specific actions to get in Trending. Here’s a small step-by-step guide for you.

  1. The very first and essential thing is to define the topic of your channel and this particular video. Objectively analyze why this content is interesting and whether this is up-to-date.

  2. After you make sure that your video is of good quality and a high resolution, work on the preview. Your video preview should be creative, attractive, and yet not misleading. If the preview doesn’t at all reflect the content, people may report it, and there will be no chances to get in Trending. Think through the picture, colors, and a caption on your preview.

  3. Optimize the title and description. Analyze similar videos, what descriptions they have, and how they’re named on YouTube. Think of keywords to include in bio and a title. Properly set optimization will help people find your content while searching.

  4. Choose the right tags. This step derives from the recommendation above. Hashtags organize flows of content on YouTube, and people often come across the required videos due to properly chosen hashtags.

  5. After you make the preview and optimize your video, time to let your audience learn about it. To provide a traffic flow to the YouTube video and your channel, upload it on every social media channel you’re represented - Linkedin, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. Create an attractive description for a video, and people will follow the link.

What should one get in Trending for?

More than 50% of new subscribers and viewers come from Trending, so this is a nice start if you want to elevate your account. Marketers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers who work on the platform on a regular basis thus optimize their ads expenses as new clients and viewers are attracted organically. Trending is a free but not at all effortless way to sell and earn on YouTube. Often, getting in the YouTube Trending is a matter of luck, but even in this case, there’s always hard work behind.

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