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YouTube/Fashion, YouTube/Originals, and More: Latest News

YouTube/Fashion, YouTube/Originals, and More: Latest News

YouTube is probably one of the humblest social networks. While Instagram or Facebook updates are widely discussed in top tech outlets, YouTube novelties often get unnoticed by users. So the 4k Download team has prepared a short digest of what had recently happened to YouTube.


At the beginning of September, YouTube launched a vertical dedicated to fashion and beauty content. YouTube/Fashion videos - luxury brands’ content and beauty bloggers’ vids - are collected by the service editors and presented to users in a convenient way. Fashion lovers are capable of finding the content they like scrolling the main page, which has several sections:

  • The Collections where fashion shows right from the runway are stored.

  • Beauty Today is dedicated to makeup tutorials, tips, and cosmetics reviews.

  • Channels to Explore are YouTube suggested fashion and beauty channels.

  • Stories of Style tell about the insides of the fashion industry.

  • From the World of YouTube section serves for your inspiration and style with vlogs and clothing brands reviews.

  • Model Lives section tells stories of famous runway faces.

  • Red Carpet Fashion showcases how celebrities dress for big events.

  • Fashion Houses section offers world-renowned fashion brands’ channels to subscribe.

  • Wardrobe Tours are hosted by famous fashion influencers to inspire you.

  • Careers in Fashion reveal tips on how to get into the fashion industry and tells career stories.

  • How to Style. The name speaks for itself - style tips and tutorials.

With this new vertical, YouTube tries to structurize the content, which generates billions of views and, relatively, brings money, new creators, and advertisers on the platform.

To follow your favorite fashionistas and stay on top of fashion/beauty trends, you can subscribe to the whole category or single blogger in one click. And don’t forget to download the most interesting channels and playlists to enjoy online.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is spelled without the vertical on purpose. The thing is, that before the school year started, YouTube launched the YouTube Kids platform with no big announcements and on a separate domain.

The new desktop version is a duplicate of the YouTube Kids mobile app where parents are to decide which content matches their kids based on their age. The site also allows tracking watch history and report the content, which is by mistake, appeared in the app or website and is not allowed for kids.

While registering, parents can turn off the search function and thus prevent their children from watching some random videos. The lock sign at the top right corner leads to settings available for parents only, where they can adjust the content, turn off/on the search function, clear and track watch and search history, and read the YouTube Kids’ parents guide.

The reason why YouTube has launched Kids on a separate platform is the US FTC’s investigation on YouTube’s collecting private data of users under thirteen to target ads on them.

According to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, such actions are illicit.


Since September 24th, YouTube Originals is free to watch. YouTube promised to provide free access to its original series to non-Premium members. Before, only those who paid for Premium were capable of watching the series, movies, and original live events. Starting from September 24th, YouTube/Originals is an ad-supported vertical.

But still, Premium members will enjoy their benefits - ad-free content, the right to be the first ones to watch any new episodes, directors’ bonus scenes and backstages.

YouTube Charts and Insights

In September, YouTube announced that the platform wouldl no longer consider paid views of music videos within the first 24 hours after the clip has been uploaded as a factor ranking the content. The alternation touches upon music videos, lyric videos, and audio tracks. After the announcement, only organic views will have an impact on a chart position.

Many music labels and their marketers pay for views to get on top of the charts. Now, this opportunity is no longer accessible. As YouTube claim s, they want the platform to be “a place where all artists are accurately recognized and celebrated for achieving success and milestones.”

Now music charts include videos that have loads of organic views trafficked from social media channels, external sites, search results, Trending, and home page.

To a greater extent, the alternation relates to the Trending section in charts, which is updated several times a day.

YouTube Music App on Android 10

YouTube Music App will be by default installed in Android 10 and Android 9 devices, including the Pixel series. All Android 10 users are soon able to enjoy their favorite tracks just in one click with no additional downloads. Google Play Music will be replaced by YouTube Music App, but will still be available for downloads in Google Play Store.

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