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How to Upload Photos from PC or Mac to Instagram in 2019?

How to Upload Photos from PC or Mac to Instagram in 2019?

Instagram is primarily a mobile app, and yet it doesn’t offer any official possibility to upload images, videos, Stories, and IGTV from one place and in bulk. If you’re reading this article, you’re surely looking for one way to upload any type of content on Instagram from PC or a Mac.

The 4K Download team has something to offer, but at first let’s look into several ways of uploading content from the desktop - third-party tools, Instagram scheduling tools, and change of a browser user agent.

Third-party tools

Software developers nowadays offer dozens of apps that assist in Instagram page promotion and creating the content for it. Let’s consider the most popular of these.


Later is another third-party tool that allows you to post and schedule photos and videos. Its free version lets you post up to 30 posts on Instagram. Paid plans start with $9 a month and contain all the advanced features.


With Later, you can upload photos and videos, but there’s no possibility to auto-publish Stories and carousel images - you can only plan them and get a notification to publish them manually. And the same goes for Stories auto-publishing: you can only schedule them, and the app will remind you to post them.

Unlike Uplet, with Later you can tag location and users, view your grid layout, and view your weekly and monthly planned content in a calendar with thumbnails.

But here’s one point worth mentioning: the app blurs your current content so you won’t be able to evaluate your grid style completely.

Later also has a recently implemented feature which is partly similar to Instagram shopping tags - Linkin.bio.

Within the app, you can also create captions with emojis, tags, and hashtags, but the app doesn’t support hashtags management; it only suggests you which hashtags you can use in this particular post. But within Later, you can monitor and respond to comments.

If you love editing pictures before publications, you’ll need to take care of this in advance since the tool doesn’t support content editing feature.

The interface of the app is rather complex, which may be not very convenient for not technical-savvy users.

Combin Scheduler

Combin Scheduler is another desktop assistant in uploading images, Stories, and videos from a PC or a Mac. The tool allows you to upload the content instantly or schedule it for later - for days, weeks, or months ahead. With the tool, you’ll be sure the content you’re planning will appear on Instagram down to the minute.

Publishing single images, videos, and Stories is that what the software is offering. You can publish the content in bulk and for up to five Instagram accounts. To do so, simply select the file you want to share, pick the required date and time, write an engaging caption and add emojis, hashtags, and location if you like.

After you’re done, just press Create, and your post will be automatically published on Instagram without a single reminder. Images will be published without a quality loss, and the captions will remain as you’ve formatted it.

To fit the Instagram aspect ratio, crop and zoom the photo, and change its size to square, vertical, portrait, and landscape.

To manage your hashtag packs, you can use Templates and store the hashtags there. It’s better to use different sets of hashtags, since if you always place the same hashtags under each of your posts, Instagram considers it as spam. Categorize the hashtags based on your posts and use them when the time comes.

To preview the grid layout or view the content you’ve planned, you can use the in-app calendar and weekly/monthly calendars with thumbnails of your posts.

Combin Scheduler is available in three subscription plans - Starter (free), Personal ($7 a month), and Business ($21 a month). Starter plan has all the basic functions to test the app. Paid versions offer advanced features like link in bio (coming in the next updates), unlimited posts and Stories publishing, and management of up to five Instagram accounts. The free version allows you to post 3 posts and 20 Stories per week.

Browser User Agent

This is an alternative option of uploading content from your PC. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t allow posting Stories, videos, and carousels - only single photos. Simply put, changing the browser user agent means you tell Instagram that you’re using a mobile device.

Let’s now consider how you can change the user agent on three most-used browsers.


To change the user agent on Chrome, log in to web Instagram. Then press View on the Chrome menu -> Developer -> Developer tools.

After you do this, press the icon the arrow points at (screenshot below).

Instagram will look like you’re viewing it on your mobile device. If the “+” icon doesn’t appear from scratch, refresh the page.

Then press “+” and select the picture from your PC.

Edit the picture, add a caption, add location, tag people and press Share. Your post will be uploaded to Instagram.


On Safari, it all works the same. Log in to Instagram web, press Develop in the menu bar -> User agent -> choose the device from the list the browser suggests. Instagram will have a web look, but you’ll see the plus sign down below. Press it and add a photo from your library.


To switch the user agent on Mozilla Firefox, press three lines icon -> Web developer -> Toggle tools.

Browser Extensions

Chrome has two extensions for Instagram - Desktop for Instagram and, well, Desktop for Instagram .

Notwithstanding these extensions have the same name, they are different, built by different developers and offer various features.

The first one allows you to upload photos, videos, send and get DMs, open/download photos in full HD, and perform normal Instagram activity (comment, like, browse, and follow).

The second one is for uploading photos from desktop, downloading videos or images from the feed, do regular Instagram actions.

Mozilla Firefox extension offers you DM feature, photos, videos, and Stories up/downloading.

As you see, there are a plethora of different solutions for Instagram photos uploading. Some of the tools are multifunctional; some of them have a basic features pack. It only depends on your goals and device what you will choose and use.

We’ve tried all of them mentioned above and concluded that Combin Scheduler is the most convenient and user-friendly way to plan and auto-publish photos on Instagram from the desktop.

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