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4K Download Team Successfully Rewinds 2019

4K Download Team Successfully Rewinds 2019

As the new year approaches, we in the 4K Download team wanted to make a short run-down of the milestones that occurred to us in the passing 2019. Let us share with you these amazing moments!

4K Video Downloader is again the best free YouTube downloader 2019, according to TechRadar

This year is the third year in a row when TechRadar puts our app at the top of free YouTube downloaders!

According to the outlet, 4K Video Downloader is the most versatile YouTube video downloader, which is fast, free, flexible and offers a great choice of formats. If a quick and fuss-free video downloading is your choice, download our software right away!

4K Download audience has grown drastically throughout the year

This year our audience count has grown as never before! Along with this, the number of software downloads has skyrocketed. It also goes without saying that our support team has worked impressively in 2019 and replied to more than 300,000 of your letters!

4K Download team has released more than 20 updates

This year has been fruitful for our Development team, as well! In 2019, our developers released more than 20 software updates to make your experience easier. Due to these updates, we’ve tailored the apps to the latest changes in YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitch and other websites.

You know that we’ve struggled a lot to return Twitch in the list of supported websites, so this comeback has been legendary!

4K Stogram now has two licenses - Personal and Professional

To make your software experience even more convenient, we’ve split our 4K Stogram licenses into two - Personal and Professional.

Personal License offers up to 10 subscriptions, unlimited posts and stories downloads, no ads, unlimited private users download, and includes future software updates. Professional License has all the above features and besides, includes subscriptions auto-updates, unlimited subscriptions, and ability to export posts and captions.

4K Download YouTube channel is now alive again

Yes, we do have our YouTube channel dedicated to the apps we develop. Created two years ago, it’s now active again, and you can find many insightful guides on how to use our software. And even download them on your PC!

All the videos are made by our team and provide only useful information that streamlines your user experience! If you want to back up your Instagram account, download music from SoundCloud, download YouTube age-restricted videos, save Stories highlights and get the most out of our apps, welcome to our channel to find more tips there!

4K Download Reddit is now available in Italian

Our Italian users and those who can speak this beautiful language will appreciate this input most of all. Now, you can read all our latest updates, guides, news, special deals, and articles in Italian subreddit .

4K Download Team has donated $2,500 to homeless animals charity

Our team has a beautiful tradition - every year at Christmas time, we donate money to homeless animals shelters in Russia. 2019 is by no means an exception. Like always, this year we have raised $2,500 to donate the money to Animals Defence Fund. However, it wouldn’t be possible without you, our dearest 4K Download community, as every user, who purchased 4K Download license keys at that time, automatically donated 10% to the Fund.

Our whole team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Thank you all that you’ve been with us for the whole year and supported us! Besides, don’t forget about the Christmas sale waiting for you - our 4K Download Bundle and 4K Stogram Pro with 25% off!

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