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How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously: 5 Actionable Ways

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously: 5 Actionable Ways

Sneaking on social media is not new or strange. In this article, we will not touch on the moral side of an issue but consider technical ways of how to watch other users’ Instagram Stories anonymously.

Whether you’re blocked by someone on Instagram or want to know how your ex-partner or friend lives without their knowledge. Or you’re a marketer who wants to learn more about a competitor or an influencer before an ad campaign. Whatever the reason, there are many tips on how to watch Instagram Stories from a desktop or a mobile phone. And here they are.

4K Stogram

Though 4K Stogram is a free tool for downloading Instagram photos, videos, and Stories from public and private accounts, locations, and hashtags, you can also use it for anonymous Stories viewing, as well. 4K Stogram is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

To view someone else’s Instagram Story anonymously from desktop, do what you normally do on 4K Stogram. Open the app and enter an Instagram username in the search field. The app will start downloading all the content automatically, including Stories and Highlights.

The Stories are marked with a dot-circle sign, so you need to tap on them and view, whether it be images, boomerangs, or videos.

Thus, you will view any Stories without an account’s owner’s knowledge.

Along with this feature, you can back up your Instagram account with 4K Stogram, download photos and videos from public and private Instagram accounts, see other users’ feed as your own without following their followings on Instagram, subscribe to any user, location or hashtags right within the app and get all the content associated with it on your PC or Mac.

Fake Instagram Account

This is another straightforward way to watch Instagram Stories anonymously. You can create several accounts on Instagram and switch between them without logging in.

Creating a new Instagram account is a very easy process, but we recommend you use VPN, proxy, or simply a mobile data to create an account from another IP address and make sure Instagram will not flag your new page.

After an account is created, you can easily spy and watch Stories anonymously.

Browser Extension

If you want to watch Instagram Stories from desktop, the Hiddengram browser extension for Google Chrome will assist you in this. All you need to do is to add the extension to your Chrome browser and open any Story on Instagram webpage.

Phone Apps

If you need to watch a Story from your iPhone or Android, you can install one of the apps on your smartphone and enjoy watching Instagram Stories anonymously.

Profile Plus + Story Reposter

This app for iPhone will help you to watch any Story on Instagram.

Profile Plus + Story lets you watch Instagram Stories anonymously without any downloading on your iPhone. All you need is to enter the user’s name and then view the full profile without a trace.

And again, this feature is not available when the profile is private.

Important to note is that you can view only 1 profile in 24 hours for free. To get access to more features, you need to buy a PRO package - either for $3.99/week or $9.99/month.

Apart from Stories viewing, the app provides you with your account analytics and tracks who unfollow you.


BlindStory allows you to explore Instagram Stories without getting noticed. As the developers of the app claim, BlindStory provides you with unlimited Stories view, search for Stories with no limits, and download Instagram Stories to your Android smartphone.

It has three Premium subscription plans as long as a free version.

With the app, you will get access to Stories of any Instagram user. But note that you can’t view a Story of the private account user.

The Sneak Peak

The easiest and the same time the hardest way to view an Instagram Story. Find the Story you’d like to view, and also the Story right next to it, which will help you as a helping hand to watch the target Story.

While you’re viewing the previous Story, quickly swipe left, but not completely, and hold it this way. Thus, you will see part of the story.

Hit the back button, and if you see the circle of the Story, it means you haven’t viewed it. You have to do everything very quickly to make sure you haven’t actually viewed the Story.

In Conclusion

Whatever the reason, sneaking on other users’ Instagram Stories may be quite useful. As you see, there are several ways to view an Instagram Story anonymously both from desktop and a smartphone. We recommend 4K Stogram above all since it’s safe, free, and has lots of other useful features you will enjoy.

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