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4K Tokkit 0.9.6: Download TikTok Videos From Any Region

4K Tokkit 0.9.6: Download TikTok Videos From Any Region

Back in 2020, we already told you about the TikTok ban in the USA and India. Now the situation is quite similar in Italy. Due to the tragic event with a minor involved, TikTok is now restricted for some residents of Italy: they can only reach TikTok with VPN.

Tip: back up your TikTok account and download TikTok videos with 4K Tokkit in advance to minimize the damage.

It’s now unclear which countries will decide to ban or restrict TikTok in the future, so it’s wise to be precocious and back up your own TikTok account in advance and download your favourite channels while you still can.

Use 4K Tokkit to Download TikTok Content From Italy

Our Italian users might have faced the inability to download any TikTok videos by hashtags or usernames. The thing is that TikTok has removed more than 500,000 accounts because they weren’t sure about users’ precise age. All Italian users had to confirm they were older than 13 years of age to continue using TikTok.

Some Italian residents still can’t access their accounts even today.

Due to these restrictions, some 4K Tokkit users from Italy might have encountered issues with downloading TikTok content and had to use VPNs.

However now, when the new 0.9.6 version is released, users from all regions can easily access any TikTok video they want to download, regardless of their age, hashtag they search or channel they save.

Some other fixes in the 4K Tokkit 0.9.6 release:

  • Inability to download TikTok hashtags and accounts issue fixed.

  • Incorrect search results display issue fixed.

  • Application crash upon invalid subscription creation issue fixed.

  • Small internal issues fixed.

Install the new version of 4K Tokkit now and enjoy your fav TikTok videos offline! The app is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

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