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YouTube Shorts: What This Is and How to Upload It

YouTube Shorts: What This Is and How to Upload It

YouTube, like any platform, tries to stay on top of trends and launch new features that would draw users’ attention. TikTok has exploded the industry with short videos, and YouTube wants its own piece of the pie. So YouTube didn’t take long to answer - YouTube Shorts.

These are short vertical videos up to 1 minute in length, which have a separate place in the Youtube mobile application - YouTube Shorts Feed. Initially, this product was launched in India since TikTok was blocked there and then launched in the United States in March. Now the rest of the world can also enjoy YouTube Shorts.

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YouTube Shorts: How to Make It

So now when you know what YouTube Shorts is and you want to start making ones.

What should be done next?

Here are the frequently asked questions regarding YouTube Shorts and our answers to them:

YouTube Shorts Content Ideas

The format of short vertical videos is now popular thanks to TikTok so that you can get inspired by it. Find accounts that make videos similar to those you want to shoot. Choose creators who have large followership, starting with 50k followers. Your goal is to find the videos that got the most views and take them as an example and inspiration for your future content.

Youtube Shorts is created primarily as entertainment and hype content, so you can go to the competitors’ Youtube channel and find some ideas there: Video → Organize → the most popular.

Youtube Help says Shorts is contributing to global YouTube search. Due to the short timing, Shorts cannot compete with medium-frequency requests, and it is most advisable to remove Shorts for low-frequency requests.

Evergreen content is also preferable with YouTube Shorts, i.e. answers to the questions that your target audience struggles with the most.

Generally speaking, the content should be fun, entertaining and engaging.

YouTube Shorts Requirements

When creating YouTube Shorts, there are important rules to follow. Here they are:

  • YouTube Shorts videos must not be longer than 60 seconds

  • Videos must be shot vertically, not horizontally

  • You can combine multiple videos. However, the duration should not exceed 60 seconds.

  • When uploading a YouTube Shorts video, the title should contain the word '#shorts'

There are also a few things to keep in mind when creating YouTube Shorts:

  1. YouTube Shorts cannot be monetised. However, they can serve as a good vehicle for engaging and redirecting audiences to your main YouTube channel, which may contain videos suitable for monetisation.

  2. The number of views and total playing time of YouTube Shorts videos does affect your YouTube channel stats.

Where Users Can Find YouTube Shorts

You can find YouTube Shorts in the YouTube app for Android or iOS devices.

At the bottom of the screen, find the Shorts icon and click on it.

How to Upload YouTube Shorts

You can add YouTube Shorts by clicking on the + (Add) icon at the bottom of the screen. Just press the + icon, select Create a Short and follow the on-screen instructions.

Shoot and Upload YouTube Shorts

Follow the steps to create and publish YouTube Shorts videos using the YouTube app:

Step 1: Shoot a video with the YouTube app

  • Launch the YouTube app on your Android or iOS device.

  • Make sure you are signed in to your Google account.

  • Click on the + (Add) button located at the bottom of the screen.

  • Click Create a Short on the pop-up window.

  • Click the Record button on the next window.

Once you're done, click on the Stop button to stop recording.

Step 2: Edit the video

Click on the Music button at the bottom of the screen to add background music to your video.

The music you can use in your short videos must either be created by you or you must have permission to use it. However, the audio files contained in the music library are provided by Google, are free, and can be used across the entire platform.

Also, you can click on the Text button to add captions. The app offers various options such as alignment (left, centre, and right), text selection, different fonts, and even colour choices.

In addition, the Speed ​​and Timer icons in the upper right corner allow you to control the playback speed from 0.3x to 3x and automatically stop recording when the time limit has passed. When everything is set up, click Next in the upper right corner to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Choose your target audience

In the Add Details window, click Select Audience, and in the Select Audience window, click to select the appropriate radio button to determine if the video is suitable for children. After selecting your target audience, click the Back button.

Step 4: Add details and upload video

Enter a title for the video in the Title field. Make sure you don't forget about #shorts, so YouTube knows you have prepared a video for YouTube Shorts. Next, click UPLOAD in the upper right corner of the screen to submit the video for review. Once YouTube has reviewed the video and deemed it appropriate, it will be published and will also be visible on the Shorts homepage.

Download YouTube Shorts with 4K Video Downloader on PC and Android Smartphone

If you want to download the YouTube Shorts videos to your computer in high quality, follow the simple steps below.

1. Launch 4K Video Downloader . It’s available for Windows, macOS, Linux , and Android.

2. Copy the link to the YouTube Shorts video you want to download.

3. Click the Paste Link button.

4. Select the format and quality.

5. Click the Download button.

That’s it! Wait just a couple of seconds until the download is finished and enjoy watching YouTube Shorts in high quality on your computer.

If you want to download YouTube Shorts on your Android device, then:

  1. Install and launch 4K Video Downloader.

  2. Open the YouTube Shorts video you want to download.

  3. Tap the Share button under the video.

  4. Select the Copy link option.

  5. Open the downloader. Tap the settings icon to set the format and quality preferences.

  6. Tap the Paste Link button. The download is going to start automatically.

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