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  2. Announcing 4K Stogram 4.3 — New Features and Big Improvements

Announcing 4K Stogram 4.3 — New Features and Big Improvements

Announcing 4K Stogram 4.3 — New Features and Big Improvements

We are happily presenting the new version of our Instagram content viewer and downloader 4K Stogram 4.3. You can download the 4.3.0 version from the website or in the app (Tools →Check for Updates).

In this release, we have multiple new features and improvements. Let’s take a closer look at some of these!

Reels Icon

Now, when you download Reels with 4K Stogram, the corresponding media are tagged with a Reel icon. All the Reels can be found in the Videos tab.

New Subscription Name Upon a New Username

When someone changes their Instagram handle, its subscription name in 4K Stogram along with its subfolder name will be changed accordingly.

Don’t worry: a new folder won’t be created. The application simply renames the subscription and its subfolder but doesn’t create a new one.

Improved Downloaded Video Quality

Now you can enjoy Instagram videos downloaded with 4K Stogram in better quality. Check it yourself! To download a feed video, IGTV or Reel with 4K Stogram, insert an account username, hashtag or location associated with the video and press Download.

Read how to download Instagram videos with 4K Stogram here:

Download Instagram Reels

Download IGTV Videos

Some Other Improvements in 4K Stogram 4.3

  • Unnecessary server requests for Highlights & Tagged posts eliminated.

  • Content request order changed to Feed posts first, then Highlights & Tagged.

  • Download starts without waiting for receiving all posts.

  • Authorization interruption upon login window closing issue fixed.

  • Indication of data loading stages added.

  • Subscriptions update pausing speed accelerated.

  • Incorrect links to Highlights & Tagged posts upon export issue fixed.

  • Incorrect calendar display in some regions and time zones issue fixed.

  • Incorrect Highlights filtration by date issue fixed.

  • Some network issues fixed.

Install the new release here or do so right within the app (Tools → Check for Updates).

If you encounter an issue or want to share an idea, please reach out to support@4kdownload.com.

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