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Meet New 4K Tokkit 1.3.0 – Proxies, New Way to Contact Support & More

Meet New 4K Tokkit 1.3.0 – Proxies, New Way to Contact Support & More

The 4K Download team is excited to announce that a new release of our TikTok video downloader and viewer 4K Tokkit 1.3.0 is now up and running. In this release, we’ve added a bunch of new features and performed multiple functionality improvements.

In the update, you can:

Set Up Proxy

4K Tokkit 1.3 now allows you to enjoy a safer and smoother experience with the in-app proxy support. To set it up, follow the ToolsPreferences → Proxy path and press Enable Proxy.

Then you just need to fill out the missing information in the fields with your Personal Proxy data (if you have a free Proxy, fill in only Host and Port and leave Login and Password empty).

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Create Any Subscription

Now you don’t have to care if the app didn’t find the matching results for your query. In the new release, you can create a subscription even if there are no results for your search request at all.

Note that if you want to create a hashtag subscription, your search query should have the # sign.

Create such subscriptions and get results downloaded automatically upon a launch of 4K Tokkit as soon as they appear on TikTok.

Sort Items by Date

In the previous versions, you could only sort your stack videos by the date they were added to TikTok, not the date you downloaded them. It was quite inconvenient for single video downloads.

We’re happy to announce that in the 1.3.0 release, you can sort your media in stacks by the date you downloaded them.

To do so, open the media stack (Single videos, for instance) and find the two arrows icon at the left-side panel. Click on it and tap Download Date.

Contact Support Team by Email

If you have an email client installed on your computer, now, instead of Reddit, you’ll be redirected to this client to contact our support team.

Following the HelpSupport or Control PanelSend Feedback paths to send your questions or ideas to our support agents, you will now do it from your email.

Remove All Single Videos in One Step

One-step removal of all single videos is available in 4K Tokkit 1.3.0. You are eligible to delete the entire section of single videos in one go. Just right-click the section and select the removal option.

Install the new version of 4K Tokkit 1.3.0 within the app (Preferences > Check for Updates) or install the release from our website!

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