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Here’s Why 4K Tokkit Is the Best TikTok Downloader You’ll Ever Have

Here’s Why 4K Tokkit Is the Best TikTok Downloader You’ll Ever Have

Since the day one, the 4K Download team was dedicated to the mission of creating the best multimedia experience for our users. We constantly listen to your ideas and suggestions and try to implement features you ask us to. By the way, check out our Reddit to propose some ideas!

Our new app, 4K Tokkit, has grown from your ideas. 4K Tokkit is a powerful TikTok video downloader that enables you to download videos from TikTok hashtags and accounts in the highest quality. With its help, you can save TikTok videos in a batch to your computer in one click.

One of the unique novelties 4K Tokkit has is its feature that allows you to download clips that have the same track from Tiktok. None of other TikTok downloaders provide this feature , so here’s how you can use it:

1. Launch 4K TokKit. It's available for macOS, Windows and Linux.

2. Enter the name of the song or sound into the search bar.

3. Select the suitable option from the search results.

4. Click the Download button.

That’s it! In a few seconds, all TikTok videos that use the music you’ve chosen are going to be downloaded to your computer.

Some other great features of 4K Tokkit you should try:

  • Download TikTok videos by username and hashtags and sort them by time and date: easily download any TikTok clip from creators, search them hashtags, and save entire hashtag challenges .

  • Back up your entire TikTok account to be on the safe side if TikTok is blocked in your region or it restricts your account access.

  • Have all new clips of your subscriptions downloaded automatically for you each time you launch the app.

  • Single TikTok videos download: if you don’t want to save packs of videos, you can easily download only one you need.

  • Ability to download clips both by URL and search within the app: most of other TikTok downloaders force you to use only one option.

And these are coming soon:

  • Ability to change your location on TikTok to browse and download TikTok videos popular in other geographical regions. Switch to another country using the built-in proxy setup.

  • Access private content and recommended clips to save videos recommended to specific TikTok users. Download videos from the private TikTok accounts you are following.

Make sure you don’t miss these features and install 4K Tokkit!

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