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Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed – How to Fix It

Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed – How to Fix It

Millions of Instagram users share their photos every day, watch and upload videos, Reels, and host live streams, so Instagram gets loads of data volumes. So it’s not surprising that now and then, the platform crashes and annoying errors occur. ‘Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed’ is one of them.

This piece talks about five possible reasons why it may happen and offers solutions to resolve the issue. The information we’ve given below is helpful for both iOS and Android devices.

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Why Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed & How to Fix It

Here are the potential reasons and solutions to get rid of the error.

1. Poor Internet Connection

Issues with your Internet, either on your provider’s or device’s side, such as poor Wi-Fi or mobile connection, low speed, are the most common reason why you may encounter the refresh error on Instagram. But as it is common, just as easily it can be resolved. Sometimes, even with no effort from your end.

Solution: Check and re-establish Internet connection

Make sure your mobile internet connection or Wi-Fi is on and works properly – open several other pages, play a YouTube video and see if you can do that. What’s more, don’t forget to check if your Internet bills are paid this month :)

If you’ve found any Internet issues, contact your service provider.

2. Instagram Errors & Glitches

Instagram isn’t perfect, and sometimes it has downs and glitches on its end as well. To make sure Instagram is to blame, use DownDetector or check Instagram’s official Twitter account, where they update users about current trouble.

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Two solutions:

1) Restart your smartphone. This may work.

Well, this is self-explanatory.

2) Clear the cache.

Deleting tons of temporary files that your smartphone saves in the cache might resolve the issue. Don’t worry that you’ll delete something valuable or important – there is none in the smartphone cache.

Here’s how you can do that on Android and iOS devices.

Clear the cache on Android:

Step 1. Hold the Instagram icon and select the About the application tab.

Step 2. In the window that opens, choose Memory.

Step 3. Click on the Clear cache button. Don’t confuse it with the Clear data button; otherwise, you’ll permanently delete useful and essential information.

Clear the cache on iOS:

Step 1. Open the Settings. Find General.

Step 2. Select iPhone Storage.

Step 3. Find the Instagram app among other applications.

Step 4. Click on the Clear cache button. If you can’t find it, delete the application and download it from the store again.

That’s it!

3. Outdated Version of the Instagram Application

If your current Instagram version isn’t up-to-date, this might be the reason why you can’t refresh your feed. If you have the auto-update on, then it’s unlikely this is the reason. Having your mobile applications automatically updated is convenient, so you’d better turn on the apps’ auto update on your smartphone.

Solution: Set up the auto-update for applications.

Here’s how you can do it on Android:

Step 1. Open Play Market.

Step 2. Go to the Settings tab.

Step 3. Select Connection settings → Auto-update applications and enable the auto-update.

And this is how you set it up on iOS:

Step 1. Open the settings.

Step 2. Go to the App Store.

Step 3. In the Automatic Downloads section, enable Apps and App Updates.

If, after you’ve updated the mobile Instagram app, you still see the refresh error, try to reinstall the app on your device.

4. Outdated OS or, um, Old Smartphone

Just like an outdated application version can cause the error, an old OS can also be the reason why you see the refresh feed bug.

If your smartphone is too old and cannot run Instagram correctly, the only solution here is to get a new one.

Solution: Update your current OS.

Here’s how to do that on Android:

Step 1. Go to your smartphone's settings.

Step 2. Open the About phone tab or any other similar one (depending on your smartphone model).

Step 3. Check whether there are updates for your operating system.

Step 4. If updates are available, install them.

Here’s how to do the same on iOS:

Step 1. Go to iPhone settings and select General.

Step 2. Select the Software Update section and download the new update files, following the instructions on your screen.

5. Issues with Your Instagram Account

If your Instagram account is hacked, personal data is stolen, Instagram has disabled or temporarily blocked your account, you may face various issues, the refresh one included.

What’s more, if you log in to your account from several different devices at a time or do it from third-party tools, the feed may freeze when being updated.

Solution: Check if none of the above takes place.

Namely, here’s how to check your account if it’s been hacked.

Step 1. Go to Instagram settings (profile → burger menu → Settings).

Step 2. Go to the Security tab.

Step 3. Click on Login Activity.

Analyse active sessions and locations where you logged into your profile. If you notice suspicious locations that you have not been to at the specified time, it is recommended to change the password.

If your account has been disabled, you will see this message on your screen when logging in.

These are five possible reasons why you may encounter the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error and potential solutions. Hopefully, you’ll find at least one of them useful and get rid of the irritating error in an instant.

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