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Reels Tab in Subscriptions, Big Improvements & More: Announcing 4K Stogram 4.4 Release

Reels Tab in Subscriptions, Big Improvements & More: Announcing 4K Stogram 4.4 Release

The new 4K Stogram 4.4 is full of new features and various improvements to let you enjoy the app even more. With no further introductions, let’s jump to see exactly what these are.

We’ll start with the features implemented just in this version and then head over to what we have improved.

Advanced Download Options Window Made Over

A complete makeover of the Advanced Download Options window is what you’ll find in 4K Stogram 4.4. Now you can set specific download sources – Feed, Tagged, Stories, and Highlights and content format – Photo and Video, Only Photo, Only Video.

And just in previous releases, you can set the required date range before downloading Instagram content.

All of the selected options are now also displayed next to the subscriptions’ names in the main app window.

Ability to Pin Subscriptions in Any Sorting

Now you can pin your subscription regardless of the sorting applied. The two groups of subscriptions (pinned and unpinned) are now sorted independently from each other.

Waiting in Queue Status

This is the new status for subscriptions in the update queue that you’ll see from now on. While currently updating subscriptions have the Downloading status, the ones scheduled to be updated next now have the Waiting in queue status displayed. This will help you to see the download order.

Reels Tab in the Subscription Details

When you click the subscription, you can see several content tabs – All, Feed, Stories, Highlights, Profile Pictures, and Tagged. By opening each of the tabs, you see media of the corresponding content type. 4K Stogram 4.4 now also has the Reels tab in the list.

Note that the app only downloads Reels posted to the Instagram feed. Videos from the separate Reels page cannot be downloaded.

Big Fixes & Improvements in 4K Stogram 4.4

  • Checkpoint support expanded.

We’re now considering the scenario when Instagram requests you to confirm your account – when the so-called checkpoint is sent to you.

What does it mean for you? As a result, the Unknown internal API error was fixed, which occurred when Instagram requested you to confirm your account authorization. What’s more, the majority of common Instagram checkpoints are now automatically passed by the app, and in some cases, you only need to approve some of the actions by clicking ‘Yes, it was me’.

As for more complex checkpoints, in case it’s a checkpoint supported by us, you will have to enter a one-time passcode in-app:

In case it’s a checkpoint we don’t support, you will have to open Instagram and perform the requested actions, such as this:

  • Correct handling of images in webp format.

Previously, such files were saved with the jpg extension, and some of you had trouble opening them.

  • Improved handling of thumbnails.

The issue with media displayed only in solid grey colour within subscriptions is fixed (at least for newly added subscriptions).

You can install the new 4K Stogram from our site or right within the app following Tools -> Check for Updates. Feel free to leave your feedback and ideas on Reddit.

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