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Nonobvious & Hidden Features of 4K Stogram

Nonobvious & Hidden Features of 4K Stogram

While we aspire to make the 4K Download apps as intuitive and easy to use as possible, some features might seem not so obvious and even hidden from familiar scenarios. In this piece, we'll talk about such features and possibilities you might not have known.

Download Content of the Accounts You're Following

4K Stogram lets you download Instagram content not only of the accounts you’re searching for, but also of the accounts you’re already following. Thus, by pressing just a couple of buttons, you can batch download feed posts, stories, Reels posted on feed, highlights, and tagged posts of users who are on your following list.

To do so, open 4K Stogram on your desktop and find the Edit option at the top menu. Click on it and then hit Download -> Accounts I’m Following or Stories of Accounts I’m following.

Press the Accounts I’m Following button, and 4K Stogram will save them. Note that following too many accounts may require a significant amount of storage space and time to download.

Download Saved Posts

Following the same Edit -> Download path, you can download your Instagram saved posts and collections. You can do that if you want to back up the content you’ve saved in case your account is blocked, restricted, or you lose access to it.

There’s a solution that allows you to do so in bulk.

  1. Launch 4K Stogram.

  2. Log in to your Instagram account within the app.

  3. Click Edit at the top menu and select Download -> My Saved Posts.

That’s it! 4K Stogram will download all your Instagram saved posts.

Download Only the Content You Want

4K Stogram enables you to save not the entire content of an Instagram account, hashtag, or location. Instead, it lets you choose the exact content you want to download — Feed posts, Tagged posts, Stories, or Highlights. Alternatively, you can choose if you want to download photos, video content, or both.

How to find this window? Start searching for an account, location, or hashtag whose content you want to download. Then find it in the search results, and click on it.

Don’t hit the Download button but click on the icon next to it. A window with advanced download options will open. There, just choose the types of content you want to save and press Download.

Download Reels Posted on the Feed

Starting from the 4.4 version of 4K Stogram, you can save Reels posted on feed. So far, 4K Stogram cannot download Reels from the separate Instagram Reels tab. If you wonder how to download Reels and videos only with 4K Stogram, here’s the guide:

  1. Find the account whose Reels you want to save by searching for it and click on their Instagram handle once you find it.

  2. Without pressing the Download button, click on the icon next to it.

A window with advanced download options will open.

  1. In that window, toggle on Feed posts and choose Only Video.

  2. Press Download.

4K Stogram will save Reels posted on the feed. The Reel icon at the top left corner of each thumbnail will indicate you’ve saved a Reel.

Anonymous Story Viewing

When 4K Stogram saves someone else’s stories, it allows you to view them anonymously. Don’t worry if you’re logged in to your Instagram account within 4K Stogram — the users whose stories you save don’t get notified and don’t know you’ve viewed their stories.

So if you want to anonymously sneak into someone else's stories, just start downloading them with 4K Stogram as you normally would.

Auto Update

4K Stogram Personal and Pro users can automatically update their subscriptions upon any new app launch. If you’re a free user and you’re tired of updating your subscriptions manually, you can upgrade and have them updated automatically.

Personal and Pro users can already do that by following these steps:

  1. Open Settings -> General.

  2. Find Auto Update and choose one of the two scenarios: update all subscriptions or only the ones you pinned.

You can also choose the auto update period: 1 day, 18 hours, 12 hours, or 6 hours. Close the window and enjoy your subscriptions' auto updates!

Download Your Subscriptions’ Followings

If you want to download the content of the accounts followed by your subscriptions, you can easily do so: choose a subscription from your subscription list whose followings you want to save and press the three dots to make the context menu appear.

From that menu, choose More -> Download @username Followings.

Note that the amount of data might be large, and the downloading may take a long time.

Hopefully, this feature roundup will help you discover more 4K Stogram capabilities and get the most out of your experience.

If you have any feedback or feature ideas, you can reach out to us on Reddit.

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