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4K YouTube to MP3 Features You Might Have Missed

4K YouTube to MP3 Features You Might Have Missed

We have told you about the nonobvious and hidden features of 4K Tokkit and 4K Stogram. Now it's time to turn to our other app — 4K YouTube to MP3. This time, the 4K Download team will reveal a pack of 4K YouTube to MP3 cool features you might've missed.

More Download Sources Than YouTube

Don't let the app's name confuse you! 4K YouTube to MP3 can save audio content not from YouTube alone but from a plethora of other sources. Even if converting YouTube videos to MP3 remains the most popular feature of the application, here are other sites you can download audio content from:

  • YouTube Music

  • SoundCloud

  • Facebook

  • BitChute

  • Rumble

  • Flickr

  • Dailymotion

  • Tiktok

  • Go.twitch.tv

  • Bilibili and Bilibili.tv

And more sites!

In-App Browser Download

4K YouTube to MP3 allows you to search and download audio content within the app without opening your computer browser tabs. To use the in-app browser, simply open the main window and click on the source from which you want to save content. Alternatively, you can enter a query into the search field. Then simply press the Download button, and the audio will appear in your content list.

Redownload If Downloading Was Postponed

If your audio download was postponed intentionally by yourself or due to the app's crash, you could redownload it with no need to copy and paste the link again. Simply press the More option (three dots on the right) and select Redownload. The app will retrieve the file information and download it as it usually would.

Delete File & Remove: Difference

In the More section we mentioned above, you might've noticed two similar options: Remove and Delete File. If you don't know the difference between the two and are afraid to click on each because you don't want to lose your downloads, let us briefly explain the difference.

Delete File deletes your saved content both from the 4K YouTube to MP3 app and your computer. Files deleted by pressing this button do not end up in your PC or Mac's trash! They are deleted completely with no ability to restore them — only download again.

Remove deletes the downloaded files only from the list on the app. The files stay on your PC or Mac unless you delete them yourself.

Audio Quality & Format Setup in In-App Preferences

You can set up the desired audio quality and format in advance and change it anytime. To do so, open Preferences and, find General, and select the options you need.

Subdirectory for Playlists & Channels

While in Preferences, open the Advanced tab and find the Create a subdirectory for downloaded playlists and channels. Toggle on this option if you want to have channels and playlists downloaded in a subfolder in your main output folder (a path to which you can find in the General Preferences). Note that this feature works if you insert a link to a playlist or channel. However, it won't work if you want to download a channel and have its playlists saved in a subdirectory.

Duplicates in Playlists Skipping

In the same Advanced tab, you can find this option: Skip duplicates in the playlist. Turn it on if you want to save your computer storage space by not downloading duplicate files more than once. Thus, if a playlist has 25 videos and there are 2 same videos, only 23 videos will be downloaded.

Note that the app doesn't recognise already downloaded files from a playlist, and when you paste the playlist link, the whole playlist will be downloaded.

In the Preferences tab, you can find more settings you might find useful. Toggle on each option you need to streamline your downloading experience when using 4K YouTube to MP3.

YouTube Login for More Download Options

Once authorised on YouTube, you'll be able to download your private video content as audio files, such as age-restricted YouTube videos, your Watch Later, Liked and My Mix playlists.

Hope you found these hacks useful! If you have any questions or ideas, follow our community on Reddit!

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