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  2. Meet New 4K Stogram 4.5 — Download Instagram Live Streams Uploaded to Feed & Enjoy Improvements

Meet New 4K Stogram 4.5 — Download Instagram Live Streams Uploaded to Feed & Enjoy Improvements

Meet New 4K Stogram 4.5 — Download Instagram Live Streams Uploaded to Feed & Enjoy Improvements

We’re happy to announce the release of the new 4K Stogram version — 4K Stogram 4.5. You can update to the latest version right in-app by clicking the Check for Updates button or download the new version from our website.

We’re reminding you to update the 4K Download applications not just to enjoy new features, but to make sure the apps are running smoothly and all necessary fixes are available to you, such as in-app authorisation improvements we've made in this release. And while your app is being installed and launched, check what’s new we have in the 4K Stogram 4.5 release.

Download Instagram Live Streams Uploaded to Feed

With this feature, you can download recorded live streams posted to the feed of Instagram accounts, in addition to feed Reels, photos, videos, stories and Highlights.

Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Install the 4K Stogram 4.5 version.

  2. Log in to your Instagram account within the app.

  3. Enter an Instagram username of the account whose live streams you want to download.

  4. Click the advanced download settings button next to the Download button right to the search field.

  5. Select Feed posts and leave Only Video in the content format tab.

This step is optional. However, if you don’t select the advanced download options, 4K Stogram will download all content of the account, not only videos, Reels, and live streams.

  1. Press Download.

4K Stogram will then save all video content that is posted in the feed: Reels, live streams, and all other videos. You can find the downloaded live streams in the Reels tab.

Major Fixes & Improvements in 4K Stogram 4.5

Update to the new Instagram API version.

This novelty will improve the overall performance and reduce a number of issues, including in-app authorisation.

Licence activation window has been updated.

In addition to a modernised look, the widow now provides a lot of useful information about premium features.

Highlights covers download issue is fixed.

In the previous version, covers of some Instagram Highlights failed to download. This version has no such issue.

Post caption search issues are fixed.

In the previous version, search by caption showed not only posts but also accounts containing the search query. Now, this issue is solved.

Install the new release within the app or download 4K Stogram 4.5 from our website.

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