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10 Best Free Movies on YouTube in 2023

10 Best Free Movies on YouTube in 2023

With the growing number of streaming services with differing movie collections and the necessity to pay for all of them in order to get access to the films you love, no wonder that the desire to cut the cord has also increased. But what if we tell you that YouTube has a collection of free movies uploaded to this YouTube channel that you can watch free of charge and download whenever you want?

Note that this YouTube channel isn’t available from a number of regions, so make sure you have the US VPN on.

So before paying for Netflix or other streaming services, check if you have the movie you’re looking for on this YouTube channel for free. If you do, you can download it with 4K Video Downloader.

How to Download Free Movies from YouTube

With 4K Video Downloader, you can save YouTube videos, playlists and entire channels. Here’s how to save the whole channel with free movies to have all videos available to you on your device to watch even with no Internet connection. Note that if there's paid video content uploaded to that channel, there might be parsing issues!

1. Launch 4K Video Downloader.

2. Copy the link to the YouTube channel you want to download. The link should match the following format: http://www.youtube.com/user/username or http://www.youtube.com/channelname.

3. Click the Paste Link button within 4K Video Downloader.

4. Select the format, quality, and output folder.

5. Click the Download button.

That’s it! Now enjoy your favourite movies offline and have new uploads automatically downloaded on your PC or Mac.

If you want to have all new videos of that channel downloaded automatically, click on the Subscriptions button in 4K Video Downloader -> Plus icon (the link to the channel will be pasted automatically into the program). Then set the preferable format, quality, subtitles and directory and click Subscribe. After that, the new videos from the channel you’ve subscribed to will be automatically downloaded to your computer right after they’re posted by the uploader.

And now let’s dive deeper into the best free movies on YouTube collection to watch this evening. From comedy to drama and thrillers, we’ve listed it all.

My Friend Dahmer (2017)

‘My Friend Dahmer’ is a biographical drama film directed by Marc Meyers based on the graphic novel of the same name by Derf Backderf. The movie chronicles the high school years of infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, a teenage loner who struggles to fit in at school and deal with his dysfunctional family life.

The film depicts Dahmer's descent into madness and the factors that may have contributed to his transformation into one of the most notorious serial killers in history. It also explores the complex relationship between Dahmer and his high school friend, Derf.

Watch the movie on YouTube for free

The Illusionist (2006)

‘The Illusionist’ is a mystery drama directed by Neil Burger. The film is based on a short story by Steven Millhauser and stars Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, and Jessica Biel.

Set in turn-of-the-century Vienna, the film follows the story of Eisenheim, a talented illusionist who captures the heart of a young woman named Sophie, who is betrothed to the Crown Prince. As Eisenheim's popularity as a performer grows, he attracts the attention of Crown Prince Leopold, who is determined to prove that Eisenheim is a fraud.

Watch the movie on YouTube for free

The Great Gatsby (2013)

This is the romantic drama film directed by Baz Luhrmann, based on the classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald and starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Set in the 1920s, the film follows the story of Jay Gatsby, a mysterious millionaire who throws extravagant parties at his luxurious mansion on Long Island. Nick Carraway, a young bond salesman, is drawn into Gatsby's world. As Nick gets to know Gatsby, he learns about his past and the circumstances that led him to amass his wealth.

The film explores themes of love, class, and the American dream.

Watch the movie on YouTube for free

The Ghost Writer (2010)

‘The Ghost Writer’ is a political thriller film directed by Roman Polanski, starring Ewan McGregor as a ghostwriter who is hired to complete the memoirs of former British Prime Minister Adam Lang, played by Pierce Brosnan. As the ghostwriter begins to delve into Lang's life and career, he discovers a web of secrets and lies that threaten to destroy his own life. Lang's former aide is found dead, and the ghostwriter begins to suspect foul play. The film builds to a tense and thrilling climax as the ghostwriter races to uncover the truth and expose those who would do anything to keep it hidden.

Watch the movie on YouTube for free

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

A horror film directed by George A. Romero stars Duane Jones and Judith O'Dea and is considered a classic of the zombie genre. The film's themes of isolation, mistrust, and survival struck a chord with audiences and helped to establish the zombie genre. It also challenged traditional depictions of race in horror films, with Jones as the film's hero, and has been praised for its social commentary on the Cold War and the civil rights movement. This picture is known for its low budget and gritty realism, as well as its chilling and unforgettable ending.

Watch the movie on YouTube for free

The Last Man on Earth (1964)

‘The Last Man on Earth’ is a science fiction horror film directed by Ubaldo Ragona and Sidney Salkow. The movie stars Vincent Price as Dr Robert Morgan, the only survivor of a global pandemic that has turned the rest of humanity into vampires and who encounters a small group of survivors who may hold the key to his salvation. The film is notable for its stark and haunting imagery, as well as Price's powerful and emotional performance. It also explores themes of isolation, loneliness, and the struggle to maintain one's humanity in the face of overwhelming despair.

Watch the movie on YouTube for free

The Road Within (2014)

This is a comedy-drama directed by Gren Wells. The movie stars Robert Sheehan as Vincent, a young man with Tourette's syndrome who escapes from a treatment centre and embarks on a road trip with his new friends, Marie, played by Zoë Kravitz, and Alex, played by Dev Patel. As they travel across the country in a stolen car, Vincent, Marie, and Alex each struggle with their own personal demons and come to terms with their past traumas.

The film is a poignant and heartfelt exploration of friendship, love, and self-discovery as well as it builds to a touching and emotional climax as the characters confront their deepest fears and anxieties.

Watch the movie on YouTube for free

Broken English (2007)

‘Broken English’ is a romantic drama directed by Zoe R. Cassavetes. The movie stars Parker Posey as Nora, a single woman in her thirties who is struggling to find love and meaning in her life. Nora feels trapped in her job and her stagnant relationship with a man who doesn't understand her. She finds herself at a crossroads when she meets a charming and handsome Frenchman named Julien, played by Melvil Poupaud, who sweeps her off her feet. The film builds to a poignant and bittersweet climax as Nora must confront the reality of her relationship and the difficult choices she must make.

Watch the movie on YouTube for free

Flawless (2007)

‘Flawless’ is a crime thriller directed by Michael Radford. The movie stars Michael Caine as Mr Hobbs, a janitor in a diamond company in 1960s London who teams up with Laura Quinn, played by Demi Moore, to steal a large sum of diamonds. As they execute their plan, Hobbs and Quinn encounter a series of obstacles and challenges. The film is a tense and thrilling heist movie that explores themes of greed, power, and corruption and delves into the personal struggles of the characters.

Gripping and stylish thriller, the film builds to a dramatic and unexpected climax as the heist unfolds and the characters are forced to confront the consequences of their actions.

Watch the movie on YouTube for free

Blue Collar Comedy Tour: Rides Again (2004)

This is a comedy directed by C.B. Harding that features comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, and Ron White performing their stand-up routines in front of a live audience in Phoenix, Arizona.

The film is a follow-up to the successful "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" and features the same cast of comedians delivering their trademark humour. It covers a range of topics, including family life, relationships, work, and politics, and are sure to appeal to fans of the blue-collar comedy genre.

Watch the movie on YouTube for free

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