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How to Download Reels from Instagram

How to Download Reels from Instagram

If you want to download other users' Reels for inspiration, future reference, or use on another platform, you'll find that there's no built-in feature that allows you to do so. Fortunately, there are plenty of workarounds available. Here's how to download Reels from Instagram on different devices and platforms.

How to Download Reels from Instagram

If you want to back up all your Reels at once or download Instagram Reels from somebody else’s public account, 4K Stogram is the best tool for the task. Follow the easy steps below to save Reels videos to your computer.

1. Launch 4K Stogram.

2. Log in to your account in-app.

3. Enter the name of the Instagram account you want to download Reels from.

4. Select a suitable option from the suggestions list.

5. Click the settings button located next to the Download button.

6. Uncheck all boxes except Feed posts -> Content format -> Only Video.

Tip: In the settings, you can also set a specific time period you want to download Instagram Reels from. Click the date field and select the period on the in-app calendar.

Note: The application only downloads publicly available Reels, with the Share to Feed option checked before they were uploaded.

7. Click the Download button.

Apart from Instagram Reels, 4K Stogram can download Instagram stories, highlights, photos, videos, Instagram live streams, and a lot more.

How to Download Reels from Instagram on iPhone

As mentioned earlier, Instagram doesn’t let you download other users' Reels. But here are some tips to do this:

Record Your Screen

The most obvious way to save a Reel you notice in your feed is to record the screen with your iPhone.

To start recording your screen, make the feature accessible from your control screen: open Settings -> Control Centre -> add Screen Recording to Included Controls.

Then open the Instagram app, find the Reel you like and play it. From there, swipe down the top of your screen to access the control screen. Click the record button there and capture the Reel. Audio will also be recorded.

When the Reel ends, press on the record button again, and the video will automatically be saved to your camera roll, which you can watch, share or edit as you like.

Use a Third-Party App

An alternative solution is to use a third-party app, such as InstaDown or InSaver.

How to Download Reels from Instagram on Android

Just like on iPhones, there are two ways to download a Reel from Instagram on Android: screen recording and third-party tools.

Record Your Screen

To record a screen on Android, swipe down from the top of your screen, find the screen recording button, and navigate to the Reel you want to save. When the video is captured, go to the Photos app, hit Library, go to Movies, and find your video there.

Use a Third-Party App

To download a Reel from Instagram with Android third-party apps, use solutions such as Reels Video Downloader for Instagram, AhaSAve Video Downloader, or ETM Video Downloader. All these tools work the same: you just need to copy the link to the Instagram Reel, paste it into the app, and hit the Download button.

How to Download My Own Reels from Instagram to Gallery

Luckily, Instagram lets you download your own Reels natively. Here’s how to download the Reels you’ve posted on your Instagram page.

  1. Open Instagram, go to your account and head over to the Reels tab.

  2. Find your Reel you want to download and play it in full-screen mode.

  3. Press the three dots in the bottom right corner of your screen and choose Save to Camera Roll.

The video will be saved to your gallery.

To download your Reels on a desktop, use 4K Stogram’s feature of backing up your own Instagram account.

Alternatively, you can bookmark a Reel you want to download and then download your Saved posts with 4K Stogram.

How to Download Instagram Reels via Stories

Another way to download Instagram Reels you’ve surely never thought about is to save Reels via stories. This way allows you to save videos right to your camera roll.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Instagram Reel you want to save and tap the Send icon.

  2. Click on Add reel to your story.

  3. Pinch and zoom the preview if you want to save the video in the full-screen mode.

  4. Hit the three dots in the upper right corner and select Save.

Download Instagram Reels: Frequently Asked Questions

I downloaded a Reel, but it has no sound. Why is that?

If the Reel you’ve saved has no sound, the reason might be a simple glitch. Check if the Reel actually has sound. Try some other methods to download this Instagram Reel, such as 4K Stogram, if the glitch continues.

Can I download the Reels I've saved to draft?

You can. To save the Reel draft, go to your account and click on the Reel icon above the photo grid. There, you’ll find your drafts. Tap on the draft you need and select Edit. Then find the Save button at the top and click on it.

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