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Releasing 4K Tokkit 2.2: Meet Multiple Fixes & Improvements

Releasing 4K Tokkit 2.2: Meet Multiple Fixes & Improvements

The new version of 4K Tokkit, our TikTok video downloader and viewer, has been rolled out! And though it has no completely novel features introduced in this release, the new 4K Tokkit 2.2 is full of major improvements. Now, the app functions more stable and optimised.

Here are the improvements that have been made in this release.

Improved watermark removal algorithm

You know that 4K Tokkit can now remove a TikTok watermark from an existing video and download TikTok videos right without a watermark. This improvenet tackles only the removal algorithm, so not to be confused with the watermark-free download.

Now, 4K Tokkit in-app watermark removal functionality eliminates the TikTok watermark even better than before.

Fixed hashtag & music download issues

Some of you have reported issues when downloading videos from hashtags and TikTok sounds. In 4K Tokkit 2.2, you can now download hashtags and music without problems.

Improved single video download UX

We added more information about the download error reasons (restricted video, photo post, etc.).

Fixed issues & errors

In the previous 4K Tokkit versions, there were cases when users got logged out of their accounts in-app after relaunching the app. It won’t happen in this version, so make sure you update.

What’s more, we addressed several issues causing frequent “Can’t download clips” errors. Now, you will experience them less often.

To update to this new, stable version, press the Check for Updates button in-app or download the new release from our site.

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