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You’ve Been Logged Out — Log Back in Instagram Error: How to Fix It

You’ve Been Logged Out — Log Back in Instagram Error: How to Fix It

From time to time, you might encounter the ‘You’ve been logged out, log back in’ issue on Instagram when logging in or simply launching a mobile Instagram app. This issue might happen on either the Instagram mobile app and the web version or on only one platform.

In this article, we’ll touch on why you face this issue and how to overcome it.

Why You See ‘You’ve Been Logged Out’ on Instagram & How to Fix It

First of all, if you face this problem, check if Instagram is down. You can do that with services like . Down Detector If Instagram is actually down, simply wait till the platform is back on track and try to log in from the web browser on your PC.

Another way to tell if Instagram is down is to go to X (formerly Twitter) and search for ‘Instagram down’. If there’s an issue with Instagram stability, many users will complain about it in their posts.

Here are other ways to fix the ‘You’ve been logged out’ issue on Instagram:

Typically, this glitch is connected to Instagram’s unstable work, but if it isn’t, here’s what you can do.

Uninstall & Reinstall the Instagram App

Try to uninstall and reinstall the Instagram application. It clears the app’s cache and helps to get rid of certain issues and bugs.

Change Password & Log Back In

Try to change your password and log back in, as this error might pop up when your Instagram account credentials are stolen.

Wait It Out

Simply wait it out, and don’t log in to Instagram from multiple browsers or devices. The error will eventually be lifted.

Don’t Act Spammy

Don’t take too many actions on Instagram at once, such as following, commenting, or liking. Such bot-like activity might lead to having you logged out of Instagram.

Use the Latest Version of Instagram

Install the latest version of Instagram if the version you’re currently using is out-of-date.

Use 4K Stogram With Caution

If you’ve experienced logging out of Instagram due to usage of 4K Stogram, follow these recommendations to avoid or reduce this in the future:

  1. Use the same IP address every time you use 4K Stogram and Instagram. Otherwise, it’s highly likely to be considered suspicious activity by Instagram and limit the allowed account actions (you won’t be able to download posts for a while).

  2. Limit the number of simultaneously updated subscriptions. It’s especially important for users who have hundreds of subscriptions. Our tests showed that updating close to 200 subscriptions at a time is highly likely to cause problems. Try not to go over 100-150 updates per day; even better if you update even less until we release a new solution.

Note #1: If you already experienced login and download issues, please decrease the amount of updated subscriptions from the number you normally do.

  1. If you have hundreds of subscriptions, we recommend updating them in batches, for example, 5-15 subscriptions at a time for an hour, then pause them and update some other number of subscriptions. It's also a good idea to vary the number of subscriptions you update – if you first updated 5, then update, for example, 7 or 12, and keep changing that number and time intervals. For example, update the first batch of subscriptions for an hour, the second for 20 minutes, and the third for half an hour.

Note #2: The number of subscriptions does not affect the download process and possible related problems. What does have an impact is the number of updates you perform – the very actions that Instagram limits. You can have only 10 subscriptions, but each one is updated 10 times per day (100 updates), or there can be 100 subscriptions, but only 2 of them are updated once per day.

  1. Using your personal Instagram account primarily for downloading private accounts of friends and family. To make sure your personal account stays safe, some users recommended using the account minimally, if at all. In particular, re-following and getting accepted as a follower of private Instagram users from a new account can take time, so it's much easier to just download them from the account you already follow them from.

  2. Creating another Instagram account and using it to download most of the content you are interested in. This way, even if your account gets banned, it won’t be as much of a loss as if it were your personal account.

  3. Creating a new account from a different IP address than the one you are using for your main personal account. Otherwise, Instagram can register it as mass actions from several accounts coming from one IP address at once and temporarily restrict actions for both accounts. Use different IP addresses for different accounts, and don't change them if possible. You can use a VPN utility to change your IP address or do it directly from the application through the in-app proxy setup. For the latter, click Tools at the menu bar, then select Preferences and open the Proxy tab.

  4. Some users who experienced issues with downloading and the constant need to confirm login through the app have reported that they found it helped to log out of their accounts in the Instagram mobile app and its web version before starting to download with 4K Stogram.

Note: Our developers do not recommend logging out as you would still have to log back in again if Instagram requests challenge passing (like clicking the "It was me" button in the IG app).

  1. Creating separate Windows (or other OS) users for each Instagram account you’re downloading from/using in 4K Stogram. More information about the method is here.

You’ve Been Logged Out — Log Back in Instagram Error: Wrapping Up

The ways to get rid of the issue significantly depend on the reasons that caused it. In some cases, a simple waiting out will be enough; while in others, more serious and thought-out actions might be needed. If you’ve experienced the issue after you used 4K Stogram, use the advice given by our development team and community.

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