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  2. Introducing 4K YouTube to MP3 5.0: Group Your Downloads, Sort Downloaded Audio in a New Way & More

Introducing 4K YouTube to MP3 5.0: Group Your Downloads, Sort Downloaded Audio in a New Way & More

Introducing 4K YouTube to MP3 5.0: Group Your Downloads, Sort Downloaded Audio in a New Way & More

We're thrilled to announce the latest and greatest version of 4K YouTube to MP3 — the 5.0 release! Packed with powerful new features and user-centric enhancements, this release is designed to take your audio downloading experience to new heights.

Let's dive into the exciting updates we have in this release:

Downloads Grouping for Effortless Organization

Now, managing your downloads is a breeze with the introduction of downloads grouping. Group all your new downloads from channels and playlists into neat folders, bringing order to your audio collection. If you're migrating from an older version, all your downloaded channels and playlists will be displayed as single audio files.

New Filters & Sorting Settings for Seamless Navigation

Navigate through your downloads with ease using our new filters and sorting settings. In the main app window, discover a dedicated tab that allows you to filter content by type: Tracks, Playlists, Channels, or All. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of sorting your downloads by name and date within the main window, as well as in playlists and channel folders.

Revamped Download Progress for Clear Tracking

With downloads grouping, we've revamped the download progress indicators. Now, each folder provides a comprehensive view of the total progress for all its items, making it simpler than ever to track and manage your downloads.

Seamless Import/Export with JSON Format

Say goodbye to CSV and welcome our new import/export format – JSON. This transition ensures the preservation of folder grouping information, offering a more robust and versatile way to manage your data.

And More Improvements

Aesthetically Pleasing Interface Enhancements

Enjoy a better-arranged main menu, improved element appearance in dark theme mode, and an application window that seamlessly fits into low-resolution displays. Several minor UI improvements have been added for a polished and visually pleasing experience.

Enhanced Error Handling for a Smoother Operation

Experience a more reliable application with improved error handling. Parsing errors are displayed with clarity, and in the event of a crash, the application now requests permission to submit log files for analysis. Additionally, warnings are provided when launching the app on discontinued Windows versions, ensuring you stay informed.

Enhanced Built-In Browser

Our built-in browser now handles pop-up windows more efficiently, enabling seamless Google account sign-ins on websites. It also boasts enhanced capabilities to determine the downloadability of BiliBili videos, ensuring a smoother downloading process.

Parsing Perfection

We've resolved various parsing issues for popular platforms like Facebook, BiliBili, and Niconico. Additionally, rare redirect handling problems have been addressed, ensuring a flawless downloading experience across a wide range of content.

Update to 4K YouTube to MP3 5.0 today and elevate your audio downloading experience to save your favorite content with confidence.

Ready to take the leap? Download the latest version from our site or update within the app (the Check for Updates button).

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