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  2. Is 4K Video Downloader+ Safe to Use? 100% Yes. So Are Our Other Apps.

Is 4K Video Downloader+ Safe to Use? 100% Yes. So Are Our Other Apps.

Is 4K Video Downloader+ Safe to Use? 100% Yes. So Are Our Other Apps.

Since 4K Download apps are desktop solutions that you need to install on your computer, it’s only natural that this question arises—if 4K Video Downloader+ and other apps are safe to use.

We can answer this question responsibly and with a 100% guarantee that, yes, 4K Download apps are safe to use and always have been. We’ve been developing our products ourselves for a decade now; we’ve garnered millions of active users throughout the years, and been featured in major tech outlets like TechRadar, Tech Advisor, 9to5 Mac, and others, so we’ve been working hard to earn your trust.

If that’s not enough for you (and we encourage this cautiousness), here’s the checklist you should keep in mind when downloading any software on the Internet, including 4K Video Downloader+, 4K Image Compressor, 4K Stogram, and other applications that we’re developing.

4K Video Downloader+ is safe. But how to make sure you don’t download a dangerous copycat of 4K Video Downloader+ & other apps?

Sadly, dozens of untrustworthy and simply unsafe developers create software that looks somewhat like our apps, make their sites look similar to ours, and even name their products using our apps’ names, slightly changing them with "PRO" or "Extra." But what they lack is the safety and security that we can provide.

Here’s how to make sure you use the legit 4K Download apps:

  1. If you’re in doubt the app is safe virus-wise, we encourage you to use VirusTotal. This is a tool developed by a trusted security company that can help you check all suspicious files, software, and even domains and IPs for malware.

  2. Download software only from its official website.

Here are the links to our products:

And this is our official website’s main page.

Using just these two tips, you decrease your chances of facing malware to 100%.

Here are additional security tips:

  1. If in doubt, ask our support team—our customer care specialists will guide you, whatever questions you may have. For instance, if you’ve found an app on the Internet that looks or sounds like ours, but you’re not sure if it’s affiliated with us, drop us a line.

Our support team email is support@4kdownload.com.

You can also join our community on Reddit and ask your questions there—this subreddit is moderated by our support team.

  1. Read reviews on Trustpilot. The 4K Download team has an official page on Trustpilot where our customers leave honest reviews about 4K Video Downloader+ and other apps, so you can check it, too, before making a decision to download any application. The Trustpilot page is also run by our support team, so all the answers you see there come directly from 4K Download.

We hope this brief guidance helped you. Happy downloading, and please, stay safe! In case you need any support from our team, we’re always here to help!

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