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4K YouTube to MP3 Now Supports Apple Silicon Chip: Meet 4K YouTube to MP3 5.2

4K YouTube to MP3 Now Supports Apple Silicon Chip: Meet 4K YouTube to MP3 5.2

Following in the footsteps of 4K Video Downloader+, which now natively supports Apple Silicon chip, we’re thrilled to let you know that 4K YouTube to MP3 now does too! But that’s not the only thing we’re happy to share with you. The new 4K YouTube to MP3 5.2 release brings other fixes and improvements. Let’s see what exactly you can enjoy in our updated YouTube audio downloader.

Native Support for Apple Silicon Chips

To ensure the app’s performance is smoother on Macs, we’ve introduced the inclusion of an arm64 MacOS version with native support for Apple Silicon chips. To install it, you simply need to visit our Download page use the built-in feature within 4K YouTube to MP3 (the Check for Updates button). Once you update it, the app will automatically recognise and adapt to the arm64 architecture on your Mac.

You can learn why it matters from this post.

Enhanced Error Handling

In this release, we've revamped our error handling system for age-restricted videos and disk write failures.

Improved File Management

The new 4K YouTube to MP3 5.2 makes sure a rare issue where zero-byte files could remain after the app was closed, with no prompt to resume downloading, is now fixed. So you can enjoy cleaner file management without unnecessary clutter.

Better Link Parsing

We've addressed parsing issues for certain NicoNico links in this release, ensuring that you can access your favourite content without any hiccups.

Playback order issues in our in-app player have also been fixed in this release, so if you encountered any, please update.

Download the latest 5.2 version from our site or update within the app (the Check for Updates button).

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