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Meet New 4K Video Downloader+ 1.6: Download YouTube Search Results

Meet New 4K Video Downloader+ 1.6: Download YouTube Search Results

We’re happy to announce that 4K Video Downloader +has just rolled out an exciting update! In this release, we’ve implemented a new feature and added a few enhancements to make your downloading experience smoother and more convenient than ever before.

Download YouTube Search Results

Ever wanted to quickly grab the top search results from YouTube without hassle? With the latest update, 4K Video Downloader+ enables you to search for anything your heart desires and instantly download the top results from YouTube. Whether it's the latest music videos, educational tutorials, or entertaining vlogs, you can have them at your fingertips in no time.

To download YouTube search results, follow these steps:

  1. Launch 4K Video Downloader+ and open the in-app browser.

  2. Click on the YouTube icon to open the site right within 4K Video Downloader+.

  1. Enter a search query in the search bar and click on the result you need.

  1. Press Download. 4K Video Downloader+ will start processing all top search results.

  1. Tap Download Videos.

That’s it! Now you can play the videos and enjoy them whenever, wherever you are.

Channel Thumbnail Display in Advanced Mode

For those who like to dive deeper into their content exploration, we've added a nifty feature in Advanced Mode. Now, when you're browsing through channels, you'll see thumbnails alongside the channel names. This makes it easier than ever to identify your favourite channels at a glance and select the content you want to download. It's all about enhancing your browsing experience and putting you in control of your downloads.

A Few More Fixes & Improvements

Single Video Download from Vimeo Channel Links Is Fixed

If you've ever encountered issues while trying to download a single video from a Vimeo channel link, no worries—our developers have fixed those bugs and ensured a seamless downloading process.

Error Handling for Disk Write Failures Is Improved

In this release, we've also implemented improved error handling mechanisms to handle disk write errors.

To enjoy the new functionality of the app and improved downloading, installthe latest 1.6 versionfrom our site or update within the app (the Check for Updates button).

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