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Free Licence Key Giveaway For Students

Free Licence Key Giveaway For Students

Dear 4K Download community, we have amazing news!

We start series of educational blog posts which you will be able to find under #4KDBackToSchool and launching 4K Video Downloader FREE LICENCE KEY GIVEAWAY FOR STUDENTS!


If you are a student who is using 4K Video Downloader and want to unlock premium features, you can get FREE licence key by doing the following:


  1. Write a few words on how 4K Video Downloader helps or may help you for educational purposes. Did you find some educational channel that you want to download in one click? Have you compiled helpful videos for your class into a YouTube playlist and use 4KVD to download it to watch them wherever? Tell us all about it!


  1. Do a scan or take a photo of your student ID. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in and what college\university is your alma mater, any ID that proves you are a student at the moment is accepted!


  1. Send it to us via Facebook messages or via email to 4K Download support team -

Do not miss out on this opportunity, the offer is available only till the end of October 2016, apply now!

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