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The Best 12 YouTube Channels for Your Kids

The Best 12 YouTube Channels for Your Kids

Fall season has already come and among nature's new spectacular color scheme, sweater weather, and pumpkin spice flavor of all imaginable foods and hot drinks, it has brought back school days. And as #backtoschool time may be exciting for your kids because they get to learn something new and meet their school friends again, alas, it's not always easy to keep children interested in studying. Boring lectures and lots of seemingly pointless tests and papers make your children frustrated and they would rather be playing instead of doing homework? Luckily, the old play teaching method is still powerful and keeps up with modern times. Educational YouTube channels is one of its form and it's a perfect option for busy parents - not a brain candy entertainment, but a solid way to involve your children into the process of learning while doing their favorite things.

4K Download team cares about YouTube content of quality and the interests of our users, that’s why we’ve decided to create a series of posts dedicated to help you and your nearest and dearest through the prism of multimedia. All posts will have special tag #4KDBackToSchool so you can easily find them in social networks.

This time have piled up collections of 5 best educational channels for the youngest - toddlers, kindergarteners and first & second graders.

Before going in-depth about each channel, we would like to note that YouTube has a super helpful application for parents of small children -YouTube Kids, which is available for bothiOS and Android. Screenshot_7.png

There are a few categories you can choose from at the app’s front page - music videos, cartoons, shows, educational videos and so on, plenty of useful features, such as voice-based search (as little kids’ typing skills are not steady enough yet), or timer function, which is perfect for parents to control how much time the children spend having fun with the app. Moreover, after the time is up YouTube Kids use can only be continued when the password that parents have previously set is applied.

The only downside to it is that the application is not available for computer - tablets and smartphones only.

Luckily, there is lots of great channels for kids out there on YouTube that can be accessed both via YouTube Kids and from browser on your computer!

Best YouTube Channels For Toddlers


Toddler Fun Learning


This channels is a perfect example how small children can be educated with the help of colorful and engaging digital content safely. Catchy songs will teach your children ABCs and counting, while special storytime series encourage them to like books and enjoy reading.

Oh My Genius


Nursery rhymes, fun educational songs, a great range of involved topics, how to’s and all it also come in different languages!



StoryBots are smart and curious creatures that will become best friends with your child and help learning about animals, colors, professions, emotions, great innovations and even outer space! Check all the themes here.

Best YouTube Channels For Kindergarteners



Pbskids is a series of unique shows that focus on forming positive life outlook, bringing your children to be kind and fair to people around them, as well as teaching them to be a critical thinker.

Super Simple Songs


The name of the channel is pretty self-explanatory - the videos will make your kids sing out loud fun songs and dance to upbeat tunes, as well as teach about importance of friendship, family and respecting others.


AlphaBlocks are blocks wearing hats with letters who live on different color levels. Their fun company will entertain preschoolers and help them learn alphabet, reading and colors. AlphaBlocks sing catchy songs your kids will remember and the knowledge they share will definitely be of help for children that are soon to start first grade.

Best YouTube Channels For First and Second Graders


National Geographic Kids


This channel will take your kids travelling to far-off places to learn about other cultures and exotic animals.

Another great channel dedicated to wild animals and wildlife in general is Columbus Zoo Media. Lots of amazing videos with exotic creatures in their natural habitat for little animal lovers! Screenshot_7.png

Big Red Hat Kids


Big Red Hat Kids present two shows -The Traveling Trio takes children to Croatia, Hungary, Poland, shows their stunning nature, sights and monuments, while Oliart teaches kids to draw, create hats, mittens and even vinyl dishes.

We also recommend Arts for Kids Hub channel with numerous drawing tutorials that will show step by step how to draw the kid’s favorite characters and more!


If your children are more into STEM disciplines or you just want to maintain their analytical mindset, there are two absolutely awesome informative channels:



MinutePhysics responds in short videos to your child’s simple but not-so-easy-to-answer questions like ‘How time always goes forward’ or ‘Why the sky is blue’, as well as helps learning what is dimension and gravity, using simple graphics as a tool for visual explanation.

Math & Learning Videos For Kids


This channel teaches preschoolers and elementary school kids and math concepts in easy and fun way. 3D graphics to attract children and age categories for your convenience included!

If you want your kids to watch any of the above programs on your home’s TV, transfer them to the tablet or smartphone and be able to have access to them without ads and even Internet connection, you can download them with4K Video Downloader - it’s safe, easy to use and available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Subscribe to YouTube channels within 4K Video Downloader application and get new series of your kids’ favorite shows downloaded automatically right after they were uploaded to YouTube. There is no chance to miss new episodes with 4K Video Downloader!

Get videos in high resolution and quality, download whole playlists and channels in one click, make the children’s learning experience stable and comfortable!

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